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2013 Product Delays and Modelzone Announcement

Hornby Hobbies Ltd is announcing a number of delays to 2013 catalogue items.

Why are there changes?

Despite our best estimates a proportion of delivery dates will not be met.  There is no single reason for this delivery date movement - it is a culmination of factors impacting our delivery critical path.

Why are you telling us this now?

In the past we have not communicated changes in delivery until much later in the year but we acknowledge it is important we share information with our consumers and trade customers earlier.  We are attempting to improve the news flow to you so it is factual as opposed to rumour or conjecture.

What are you doing about it?

We are broadening our supply base BUT the benefits of this will be in the medium term.  We have brought in new personnel to look at this challenge including a new Supply Chain Director, Red McKay.

A comment from our Supply Chain Director

“I have listened intently to consumers, retail customers, shareholders, our supply team, and other departments within the business over the last 12 weeks. It is clear there has been a long period of disruption with our supply chain, and the team are committed to addressing this. We provide the service, which enables our company to deliver for customers, and ultimately consumers.

"It is our goal to satisfy those demands; on time, in full and always

"There is no immediate fix but we are committed to making progress. We will continue the work to broaden our supply base, and challenge ourselves to improve our communication be it good or bad news – it matters.”

We have worked hard to improve our visibility of the situation and we are now facing into the challenges, and working to improve on the dates communicated to you.

What items are affected?

The following items have been postponed to 2014.


Product Code Product Name
R1160 The Cornishman
R1162 The Orient Express

 Train Packs

Product Code Product Name
R3143 BR 4 Car VEP Unit Class 423
R3134 Northern Belle Train Pack
R3184 Brighton Belle Pullman 1960
R3215 Eurostar (2013) Train Pack

 Steam Locomotives

Product Code Product Name
R2881 LMS Class 5 (Black 5)
R2921X BR Early Class B17/1 Thorpe Hall
R2922X BR Early Class B17/1 Grimsby Town
R3003 BR Late Class B17  4-6-0 ‘Barnsley’  
R3003X BR Late Class B17  4-6-0 ‘Barnsley’  
R3004 BR Early Weathered Class B17 4-6-0 ‘Serlby Hall’
R3004X BR Early Weathered Class B17 4-6-0 ‘Serlby Hall’
R3010 SR "Sir Sagramore" E771 King Arthur Class
R3010X SR "Sir Sagramore" E771 King Arthur Class
R3020 LMS Fowler 2-6-4 (Lined Crimson Lake)
R3106 BR Class 2807 (Preserved)
R3107 BR Late Crest 4-4-0 Class T9 "Greyhound"
R3119 LMS 4-6-2 "Duchess Of Abercorn" Princess Coronation Class
R3129 SR 0-4-4T M7 Clas - Maunsell Green
R3131 LNER 4-6-2 Class A4 "Great Snipe"
R3187 GNR Class N2
R3188 BR Late Class N2
R3189 LNER Class L1 No.9002
R3190 BR Class L1 No.67777
R3194 BR Early "Epsom" Schools Class
R3195 BR (Green) "City Of Liverpool" Duchess Class
R3202 BR "Flying Scotsman" Class A3 50 Years Of Preservation
R3203 BR Late "Okehampton" West Country Class
R3204 LSWR Class M7 No.245 NRM
R3205 BR "Rood Ashton Hall" Hall Class
R3207 LNER "Cock O' The North" Class P2
R3208 BR 4-4-0 'Brighton' Schools Class
R3210 GWR 2800 2-8-0 Locomotive    

 Diesel & Electric Locomotives

Product Code Product Name
R3181 BR Class 56  56084 (Large Arrow)
R3214 Greater Anglia Class 153

 Coach Packs

Product Code Product Name
R4539 Northern Belle Coach Pack
R4582 Brighton Belle 1960s 5-BEL Car Pack
R4588 LMS Coronation Red and Gold Lined Coach Pack
R4589 Eurostar (2013) Divisible Centre Coaches


Product Code Product Name
R4188C BR 68' Restaurant Car
R4444A BR Western Region Mk3 1st Class Open
R4446A BR Western Region Mk3 TGS
R4543 Ex Virgin Mk3 1st Class Coach - Weathered
R4544 Ex Virgin Mk3 Standard Open Class Coach - Weathered
R4545 Ex Virgin Mk3 Buffet Coach - Weathered
R4546 Ex Virgin Mk3 Brake Coach - Weathered
R4575A BR Thompson Non-Corridor Composite (Lavatory)
R4576A BR Thompson Non-Corridor Third Class
R4577A BR Thompson Non-Corridor Brake Third
R4577B BR Thompson Non-Corridor Brake Third


Product Code Product Name
R6578 Pentwyn Black Vein Collieries Co Ltd 7 Plank Wagon
R6587 T. Burnett & Co. Ltd. 7 Plank End Tipping Wagon
R6590 A & H. Betts 7 Plank Wagon
R6595 J. Hackett & Co. 6 Plank Wagon
R6601 Foster & Co 8 Plank Wagon&nbsp
R6612 BR Shark Brake Van
R6613 BR 20 Ton Car (Railfreight) Brake Van
R6614 BR 20 Ton Car Brake Van
R6615 Stewarts & Lloyds 27 Ton Tippler Wagon
R6616 British Steel Corporation 27 Ton Tippler Wagon
R6617 Clay Cross 6 Plank Wagon
R6618 Amey Roadstone PGA (Weathered) Wagon
R6619 BR Macaw Bogie Bolster Wagon
R6620 ZBA (Rudd) Open Wagon (Weathered)
R6621 EWS ZCA (Sea Urchin) Open Wagon (Weathered)
R6622 ZFO/ZFP (Trout) Ballast Hopper
R6625 GWR Mogo Van
R6629 Llanfair PG


Product Code Product Name
R2879 BR Class 55
R3169 GWR "Olton Hall" 5900 Hall Class
R3170 GWR "Adderley Hall" 4900 Hall Class
R3171 LNER "Cock O' The North" Class P2

 RailRoad Rolling Stock

Product Code Product Name
R4388 LMS Composite Coach
R4389 LMS Brake Coach
R4523 GWR Composite Coach
R4524 GWR Brake Coach
R4525 GWR Restaurant Coach
R4526 Night Mail Operating Mail Coach
R6423 Car Transporter
R6425 Container Wagon (2X30)

 Power & Control

Product Code Product Name
R8012 HM 2000
R8232 DCC Eletro Point Clips (PK 20)
R8238 DCC Reverse Loop Module
R8259 Auto Level Crossing
R8266 RJ12 Select/Elite to Walkabout Select Lead
R044 Passing Contact Switch

 Trackside Accessories

Product Code Product Name
R617 Uncoupling Ramp
R8004 Engine Shed
R8009 Station Terminus
R8228 Building Pack B
R8229 Building Pack C
R8231 Building Pack E

 Thomas the Tank Engine

Product Code Product Name
R350 Percy
R351 Thomas


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Modelzone Administration

An update for Modelzone Customers

Modelzone went into administration on 27th June 2013.  The business is currently being run by the administrators Deloitte whilst a business solution is sought.

What will happen to my pre-order with Modelzone?

We are attempting to get a confirmed list of pre-orders taken by Modelzone but in the meantime please contact Hornby Customer Care with details of your pre-order.

  • Telephone – 01843 233525
  • Email – customercare@hornby.com
  • Letter – Customer Care Team, Hornby Hobbies Ltd, Westwood, Margate, Kent, CT9 4JX

Our Customer Care team will keep you updated once we have your details.

Hornby has over 600 retail customers across the UK who may have the product you pre-ordered – please see our website for a list of stockists.

What will happen to the Modelzone exclusive products?

We are currently reviewing the items, the delivery dates, and the most effective way for these to be sold. 

Are Hornby, Scalextric, Airfix, Humbrol and Corgi okay?

The short answer is YES - Hornby PLC issued a statement about the limited impact of this to Hornby PLC.

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