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Sorry the Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System is no longer available...

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Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System

Item code: R8144

With Hornby RailMaster connected, the power of the Elite can be harnessed like never before. Hornby RailMaster is a totally new way to control a model railway.

Just connect the Elite via the USB port to a PC or laptop and the power of Hornby RailMaster is at your fingertips!

Learn more about the amazing Hornby RailMaster PC Model Railway Control System

Internet activation required to access all RailMaster features.

  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Designed for Touch Screen Technology.
  • Contains a database of pre-programmed prototypical running speeds and speed curves for every Hornby locomotive dating back to 1975.
  • Images of all Hornby locomotives built in - plus the ability to add your own!
  • Control loco speed, direction and light/sound functions.
  • Shortcut buttons for locomotive shunting, cruising and stopping; all smoothly controlled.
  • Control semaphore and light signals as well as uncouplers, turntables and operating accessories.
  • Quick and easy creation/dissolving of multiple headers/consists.
  • Record and playback movements and actions for locomotives, points, signals, uncouplers, turntables, accessories.
  • Mix automation with manual control for the best of both worlds.
  • Playback sounds, e.g. guard's whistle, slamming doors from the PC - over 150 built in station announcements in both male and female voices - plus the ability to add your own!
  • Built in Hornby Track Pack plans and digital train set plans - or create your own with the easy to use drag and drop track editor.
  • Quick and simple CV reading and writing, with guidance, including batch reading and writing.
  • Built-in Help and Support System.
  • FREE Automatic Updates.

For help installing the Elite and eLink driver please click here.

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