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SWill Lima Class 37 Shell fit a Lima Class 55 Locomotive

Can you put a Lima Class 37 Shell on A Lima Class 55 Locomotive? As i recently got a Lima Class 55 and woud like to know.


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 No the 37 would be to short


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Simple checks to make, compare the wheelbase of the bogies on both chassis (Both the axle wheelbase and the bogie pivot centre spacing).

Then look at how each body is held on, some are screwed, some have lugs into slots, some rely on the buffers as attachments. Use service sheets or photographs of each model for comparison if you only have one loco.

If you have both locos then why not just try it.


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Why is this item in the Hornby International forum when it clearly refers to a UK outline locomotive ?????



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We all make mistakes. I guess it depends where you reside. If you live overseas Hornby UK is an international brand. Smile


It won't fit, 37 much shorter. 

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The Lima Deltic (55) has HO scale bogies as the Lima range was originally intended to be British HO. They introduced the class 33 but the rest of the range was introduced in the larger scale. The Deltic retained the already designed bogies for the smaller scale and I’m not sure if the crab had an HO body. The chassis is too long for a 37 and the bogies, which should be the same for the Deltic, 37 and 50 are too short. If you want a cheap 37 and are not too bothered about true scale the Tri-ang Hornby one is usually available cheaply with the class 31 bogies and Will be fully repairable into the future. 


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