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SWhat's your latest acquisition?


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I owned my CL50 for about 10 years before I knew about the opening doors. In all that time I’ve never seen anybody use them.

Is it the Accurascale 92 you are getting?

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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I ordered the DJM ... then literally 3 hours later, perhaps less, the Irish one was announced.


Both will be great I'm fairly certain, but what a debacle!!



R3677 "Duchess of Hamilton" arrived today. It could be more scarlet and less maroon and I think a shinier finish would have been good to give credibility to the "as preserved" description.  Having said that she is lovely, and where others on this thread may value a vintage Hornby for me it's all about the precision in slow speed performance and detailing of these magnificent engines

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Sounds excellent.

I agree, particularly a 'pristine' museum piece should have a better finish - small criticism, if the rest is so good.



The detailing and running from the throwaway motors might be good but they are super fragile and still not 100% accurate due to the OO incorrect track gauge.


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M-R you add the bit about incorrect track gauge to just about every reply. We all know that it is wrong but so are many other things with all model railways what ever gauge, tenders to far from the footplate, unrealistic couplings the list is endless. Laughing

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.

I consder myself told off.


Anyway this rare beauty arrived today.  Loads of watchers on ebay but no bidders and the seller had it on buy it now so I bought it for under £25, well happy.


Rana Temporia

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MR, please can you post a picture of the rear pony truck? I have one of these locos with one missing and a tender for it. The standard princess type rear pony doesn’t connect to the flying Scotsman tender and I want to ‘bodge’ something that’s near enough!



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Managed to get my hands on a supposedly rare Bachmann InterCity restaurant coach. I now have enough coaches for a full rake which is nice.


I also managed to pick up 3 HEA hoppers in EWS livery. 


Just need to get something decent to pull them now. I would quite like another shunter or other diesel.


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