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SWhat's your latest acquisition?

What's your latest aquisition?

Here's my latest purchase, a Tri-ang-Hornby R.754 M7 in BR Black livery.

The box was tatty, crew were missing and the BR totem transfers on the tank sides were part missing as per normal.

The model is

slowly being restored, a fresh box mint was found on ebay with incorrect labels (the one on the right) and I have crew and original totem transfers a plenty in stock, I will post stages of the restoration at intervals for all my friends on here to see as they

take place.

Here's the loco pre-restoration but with nice new original 40+ BR Totem transfers put on the side tanks, a packet of the original transfers is posed by the loco for reference.

Hope all at Hornby like what I am doing to their old locos.

Rolling stock was R6474 Railroad LWB box van.Reasonably priced,ran well straight from the box,its plastic wheels didnt need fixing.
Loco was Railroad R3061 4-4-0 County of Bedford.Reasonably priced,Excellent level of detail,robust,ran very well straight

from the box.
See what Hornby can do when everything isnt sacrificed on the altar of super detail.

What ?


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Express Parcels 128 DPU, NRM Butler Henderson and a "Teddy Bear". I like to look of the BR (ex LNER) O1 but will wait.

Toys for big boys. A fully fledged member of the Hornby signed out before you are finished club


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R3162X BR 2-BIL - DCC fitted
R3177 BR 2-BIL NRM - DCC Ready
R2515 Class 73 Pullman Livery "The Royal Alex" - DCC ready
Blue Box Class 205 Thumper - 2 car unit - DCC ready
Blue Box BR Class C Wainwright - DCC ready
Blue Box Class 411 CEP

- 4 Car unit - DCC ready

I think I've spent to much this month, nothing now due until May.

Tomorrow will be a good day - Capt. Tom Moore


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Actually I took delivery yesterday afternoon of five Gauge 'O' pullman cars 'Thanet Belle' complete with lights worked off the third rail. I am now waiting for warmer weather to run them on the garden railway behind either 34066, or 30907, both of which

I bought earlier this year. These are my first Southern models running on O gauge. I do love tinplate!

My latest aquisition in OO was a three car Tri-ang SR 3Sub, late roundel, nearly mint and boxed. (York toyfair, Sunday). That makes six (or is it

seven?) of these, although I am a bit light on centre cars.

Green trains are best!

the ferret

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Hi, LC&DR, Yes I too would have been torn between the 2-BIL and the 3-SUB. Now that I have had a chance to run the 2-BIL on the layout I can confirm that it runs to perfection, can be made to creep even over three double slips in succession thanks to there

being pick-ups on both bogies of the motor-car. On starting away there is just the faintest purr from the 2-BIL that is so true to life! So I am absolutely delighted with it.


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Blue-box NRM "Butler Henderson" in gorgeous Chrome Green Great Central Livery.


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I don't regard the 2Bil as a high priority for me at present, it was not a regular type on the Eastern section, which is the main theme of my layout, so although I will eventually get one or two, I shall wait until I can pick one up cheap. I already have

three Kirk kits planned to become 2Hals with Branchline etched sides. If I can get some Hornby motor bogies for them so much the better.

I do also collect Tri-ang. This runs on a different (portable and loose laid) layout, and I decided that a mint

boxed 3Sub would be a good buy, they rarely come up for sale in that condition.

My garden railway is collection No.3, coarse scale O gauge following Bassett Lowke practice, three rail electric. I run both vintage and modern China made BR outline with

a mixed LT/LNE and SR theme, no real pretention of scale, just a huge round and round double track. A second 'Hornby Series' friendly line with flush level third rail is planned.

I have a small collection of OO heavy goods locomotives, because I like

goods wagons, and I need something beefy to pull them, I also have a few NCB and APCM industrial locos and scratch built rolling stock.

London Underground is another interest, but as few people make stuff for that I just have a unmotorised tube train,

and a pannier tank goods set. Now if there were more RTR underground stuff I could get seriously diverted. I do have the 1950s Ever Ready set which is what started my interest, crude as it was I loved it, but it has stopped working although I keep it for sentimental


Lastly I have some Lone Star OOO diecast, push along, again another nostalgia thing.

Green trains are best!


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Oh and a goodly colection of Minic diecast ships and harbours, and an extensive collection of diecast road vehicles in 1:43 and 1:76 scales.

Green trains are best!


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A die cast Sea Hawk and Sea Harrier, an O1, B17 (Manchester United), EE diesel 10001 and 5 cattle trucks.

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.

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