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SWhat does "New Tool" mean next to some of the Loco's???


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Hello Smile


I've noticed next to some of the Loco's it says in a yellow band in red writing it say "New Tool" what does that mean please???

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"New Tooling" or "New Tool" refers to the moulding, when a company like Hornby for example designs a model from scratch, they require new moulds to produce models and therefore new tooling.


The best example I can give you now is the A1/A1X Terrier. The one Hornby produced prior to 2018 was initially designed and made by Dapol. Dapol then sold the moulds (tooling) to Hornby who produced it for many years. Now Hornby have decided to update the A1/A1X Terrier and therefore it's been re-designed in a CAD program and given features we come to expect from models today.


The older moulds will probably be sold by a company for additional income. In 2019 Hornby will bring out their updated A1/A1X Terrier made fro the new moulds (tooling).


So anything with the "New Tool" badge is brand new tooling/moulds with update features and detail etc.

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or it could mean that the builders have bought a new screwdriver, so they can put the screws in even tighter! Tongue Out

- As Jeremiah put - new moulds for making the body parts.They DO wear out, and as techniques improve, the fine details get finer.

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I've also noticed, in line the the 'more detail', is there's a systematic addition of extra details - separate handrails initially, then those little cab windows, lamp brackets separate moulding, separate smokebox door arrow, cylinder draincocks for steam locomotives ... much more detailing grilles / separate mesh ones on diesels, etc ...


It's always going to have been a total dimensional review with the intention being more realistic.


A 'natural progression' I suppose, but it is maintaining the hobby with those who were enthusiasts as a child, and probably taking it away from new enthusiast children for costs and fear of breakage ...

Fine line ... I love seeing a 'new tool' as an older adult, and would have appreciated it 'in my first innings' as an adolescent / early adult, but ... 


Hard to define where to go for Hornby, but for me, more detail is great!!



Atom3624 more detail is a double edged sword, it's great but tends to be very very fragile, the more the detail the more fragile a model becomes.  No matter how much detail you throw at the model you have the track gauge error so it won't be to scale even if you counted every rivet and measured it to the millionth of a millimeter.


There has to be a compromise point at where detail and fragility are at their best. Detailing has gone from durable to semi detailed and fairly robust, and now to super fragile, adding more detail will just increase fragility.


As has been said "new tooling" means new moulds and design of the moulds.



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 I think Hornby also use the term new tooling to emphasise that the model is not a simple re-run of earlier less detailed versions. a good example was thair GWR shunters truck which I think used this phrase when it was released

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Thank you for the answer - just means a new mold then - got it Smile

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel.


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Not just a new mould but perhaps new connecting rods, wheels etc. as well. 

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Hi M-R, that was the point I was making - they're all becoming models for 'experienced modellers' not starter locomotives for children.


That is the intention of the Railroad range, 'though some of them are quite exceptionally detailed as well, like the Crosti 9F.



I have a Duchess of Hamilton R3099(?), and now there is new re-tooled one to much grumbling at our local club. However I can see there is much more detailing on the new one e.g. iconic engine lamps with little wings on like in the NMR. However I wonder how shiny it will be, I am hoping quite a lot as the preserved example is way glossier than it would ever have been. Anyway the old one has been sold the new one is on order, so I guess I am the fool this is aimed at but I do like the details and my layout maybe more at eye level than other contributors plus I have no offspring to drop the incredibly detailed stuff Hornby are producing now. 

Finally beauty is more than skin deep e.g. the slow speed  and quitness of the newer locos is also impressive. for example the old Terrier from Dapol is really noisy and I am sure this will be much better too

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