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Hi well the plan was to sell the elite it's worth a few £ so thought could spend that on a new loco ! Plus the elite unit packed up so had no choice at the time ... but sent it off to hornby who replaced it with a new unit free of charge ! So yes I agree it is a better unit so will be keeping it ..  regards Steve

Just read the last post before I updated .. yes I used the elite with the demo version I downloaded before I purchased the majestic train set so I knew it was worth giving that a go .. cheers 

Ok update ... success I programmed the pendolino by using the elite unit in railmaster ( so changed port settings etc ) ran fine after that.. so then removed the elite unit and put the elink back in railmaster and now it runs fine .. sorted

Thanks for the reply .. it's not easy to give all the info so I apologise! Right I've used the pendolino lots of times with my hornby select then I upgraded to the elite .. it programmed and ran fine with both ... then I bought the majestic train set with the elink and railmaster so discarded the elite and set up railmaster with elink programmed all my other locos without a problem ! But when I try to program the pendolino with railmaster and elink all values are 255 !! I've tried programing the car with the motor first .. but 255 values every time .. tried programing both the dummy car and the one with the motor in together still no joy and tried the dummy car on it's own!! Still no good

Hi can anyone help please ? I'm trying to program the pendolino in railmaster with elink .. I can hear it reading the decoder in the loco but all values are 255 !! I can connect my elite to my programing track and it programs and runs fine ! I've even disconnected the track wires whilst programing but with the same results ! All my other locos programmed fine !! Regards steve




Hi thanks for the reply .. I have sorted the problem ..I reset to factory settings in railmaster

Hi can anyone help ? I have a horby points decoder , I can get port 1 to work but when I connect a points motor up to port 2 ( or any other ) nothing works !! I tried setting it up in my newly acquired railmaster last night and noticed one programmed port 1 settings are in dark black whilst 2,3,4 ports are greyed out ! Any ideas ? Regards steve

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