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Signature: software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

Bio: Inter-war Southern Region powered by Rail Master and Elite with DCC Concepts tech the layout is here http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/2276-notes-from-the-loft/

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Please mr Hornby when you decide to bring out the Prince of Wales Mikado P2 to match the ral one uder construction can you do a detailed version and not a rebadging of the rail road Cock O the North?. 

I had to buy Tornado from the opposition for this reason.

oh and for extra credit do fit the TTS decoder to it



software development engineer by day, model engineer by night


I have to say I wonder why anyone posts on this thread as not many of the features seem to be taken up. I checked to day -  this thread has 70,000 views and runs to 50 pages of well intentioned if not always practical ideas. Despite this we can't see any progress so I have some practical magic for the software company and Hornby who look after Rail master.  Have a separate forum for RailMaster improvements as it's essentially a thrid party product anyway. Then allow users to add ideas and search and upvote them to avoid duplicates, and work out what has broad support.  Once an idea hits a threshold mark, say a hundred votes then evaluate it and mark it as "under consideration",  "being worked on" etc. or why you aren't goign to take it further forward if that's the decison. heres an example of what I mean  - https://xboxideas.uservoice.com/

I do have to declare that I work for these people to pay for my trains, but this is not to advertise thta site purely as an illustraion of how it might work

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

81F,  I also want to upgrade my 6 x coronoation scot coaches, to get them closer together and look less like toys so how hard was that converion using the bachmann bogeys?

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

So I had my R070 working on DCC for a whle until I stripped it to weather it and makie it a bit less toy town .  The motor still responds when not under load (using Captain Scarlet trick of adding it as a loco in RailMaster, as well as to the track plan) but no matter what I do when it goes back together it just hums for a bit and gives up.  I can easily move everything manually so my question is does anyone have recommendation for a motor with bit more oomph.  If not, what's the best turntable for a 1930's southern steam based layout  that Poirot would have been at home on?

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

Both my LMS coronationa and LNER silver jubilee coaches are miles way from the real thing, but I guess the best improvement to both rakes is close couplimg.  However theyhave the huge ancient Hornby couplings from when I was a child!  So I guess my question is can I swap out the bogeys for something with NEM couplings or is ther some coupling sysem that attaches to the coachbody itself. Any help sppreciated

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

R3677 "Duchess of Hamilton" arrived today. It could be more scarlet and less maroon and I think a shinier finish would have been good to give credibility to the "as preserved" description.  Having said that she is lovely, and where others on this thread may value a vintage Hornby for me it's all about the precision in slow speed performance and detailing of these magnificent engines

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

Hey thanks walkingthedog, but it would be nice to be told that somewhere and whihc one is which - I am guessing the more "accurate" bogey is the spare as for the flanged wheels for the pony truck?

Manuals would be nice to help with this rather than relying on experts like you and the other great guys on here

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

My Duchess of Hamilton arrived today and she is lovely, but I am puzzled by  two things -

1. Why is the extra front bogey supplied?

2. Can I fit the detailing pipes around the front bogey given my layout has a minimum radius of 850mm (2' 10" in old money)?


I guess better manuals would answer this as it seems odd to ask this sort of stuff on a forum about a brand new design.

My final question is given that the railroad stripey coaches are unlikely to be re-tooled to match can someone tell me what else this lovely loco would have actually pulled when not in the USA?





software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

I have a Duchess of Hamilton R3099(?), and now there is new re-tooled one to much grumbling at our local club. However I can see there is much more detailing on the new one e.g. iconic engine lamps with little wings on like in the NMR. However I wonder how shiny it will be, I am hoping quite a lot as the preserved example is way glossier than it would ever have been. Anyway the old one has been sold the new one is on order, so I guess I am the fool this is aimed at but I do like the details and my layout maybe more at eye level than other contributors plus I have no offspring to drop the incredibly detailed stuff Hornby are producing now. 

Finally beauty is more than skin deep e.g. the slow speed  and quitness of the newer locos is also impressive. for example the old Terrier from Dapol is really noisy and I am sure this will be much better too

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

I would also love "proper" red and gold coaches as well detailed as the new duchesses.  I would say the same for the silver jubilee A4's (but of course that would mean articualted sets, and so on). However the fact that Hornby have dusted off the old railroad coaches in blue silver red gold does not bode well.  I guess it's down to who they want to please and how many they expect to sell. 

software development engineer by day, model engineer by night

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