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Bio: I am one with a passion for collecting model trains, and I have a large Hornby layout.

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I liked Arthur, and yes it is a shame that a Hornby model of him will unfortunately never be created. I just hope that Bachmann will someday create an Arthur model. 

I wouldn't have minded having a Hornby Fergus the traction engine either, but I could imagine that Hornby would have had a hard time trying to make him. I do have an ERTL Fergus the traction engine, and I either put him on a flat bed so that he can be pulled along by a Hornby locomotive, or I sometimes put him on the track as a non-moving locomotive with some wagons behind him to make it look like he is pulling a line of trucks. 


Thank you. Smile

Thanks for offering to send a picture of your Bachmann Spiteful Brake Van, but I have already seen pictures of Bachmann's Spiteful Brake Van on the Internet. I like the look of the Bachmann Spiteful Brake Van, as it is painted the way it was in the Railway Series book and it has the exact face it had in the television series. I may try to purchase a Bachmann Spiteful Brake Van soon, providing I can find one somewhere. The Bachmann Spiteful Brake Van is HO gauge, but that isn't a problem, because HO locomotives and rolling stock can actually also run on OO gauge track. I have three HO gauge locomotives by a German Manufacturer called Kleinbahn, and they run absolutely fine on my OO gauge layout. The only downside with Kleinbahn locomotives and rolling stock is that they have different couplings to that of the Hornby models, which could mean you would have difficulty coupling them up to a Hornby locomotive or carriage. 

This is a custom Hornby Spiteful Brake Van model that I created myself the other day. It was quite a simple design, because all I did was print out a picture from the internet, I cut the face out and I crudely stuck it on the front of a standard Hornby OO gauge 12 ton Brake Van that was no longer being used and was kept in my "Spare parts" drawer, using blue tack. 

I created this custom myself because Hornby have not created the Spiteful Brake Van as of yet. I know that Bachmann have created a Spiteful Brake Van model, but I haven't been able to get hold of one of those. 


I am sorry for making a duplicate of a thread that had already been posted.  I am relatively new to the forum (I only joined around late 2018, and I have only just learnt how to properly use it) and I have been having a rough time as of late what with mental health issues. 

I was genuinely unaware of the thread similar to this one posted in 2016. I didn't know that said thread even existed, as I wasn't on The Hornby Forum in 2016. I didn't know about the search facility until now, either. 


The first ever train set that I had as a child was a wooden Brio train set. I had a lot of wooden track, and a few trains and carriages. They weren't battery-powered or remote controlled, like most children's train sets are these days. You just pushed them along the track yourself. Looking back, I personally think it was more fun that way and encouraged fine motor skills, as well as being  ideal for Christmas because it saved my parents the hassle of having to go out to buy batteries. 

Then, when I was about six or seven, I got my very first Hornby train set. I forget what the set was called, but it was a 00 gauge set that came with a Holden tank, two wagons, a brake van, an oval of nickel-silver track and a track mat. 

One method I have attempted a couple of times when wanting to create a custom Hornby model for the Thomas the tank engine range is taking the body shell from an old Tomy Plarail/Trackmaster battery powered train and attaching it onto a spare Hornby chassis. It is quite a good conversion, because it is easy to do and you are able to create a character that is yet to be introduced to the range. The only thing you would need to bear in mind is that the Tomy Plarail/Trackmaster body shells are not the 1:76 scale and could catch on stations and such that are positioned close to the track. As well as the difference in size, they look too toy-like to pass as genuine Hornby items, but you could always paint them and give them some fine tuning to make them look more realistic. For example, if I were to do a loco conversion on a Tomy Plarail Oliver, I would consider making him a much taller funnel (The Tomy Plarail Oliver has a ridiculously short funnel, making him look nothing like how he did in the television series).  



I couldn't agree more. I liked Ringo Starr's narration the best, and even now I still like to watch Thomas the tank engine episodes as a guilty pleasure of mine. I personally view the old-style Thomas as suitable for all ages and a prorgamme you can never be too old or too young for, wether you are one year old or 103 years old. Smile

I haven't seen any of the new CGI episodes and I know absolutely nothing about the new characters, but I have purchased a couple of the newer battery powered trains so that I could use the shells to make custom models. 

GNR-Gordon-4, I personally thought it was rubbish after series 5, but that is my own personal opinion. I did watch a couple of series 7 episodes on Youtube. Fergus and Emily got on my nerves a bit, but I quite liked the look of that big red LMS Ivatt Class 2MT called Arthur. 


Button Moon was a television programme from the 80s, about a small man made of kitchen utensils called Mr Spoon who liked to fly in his spaceship to Button Moon, which was a large yellow button. He had all kinds of adventures. Mr Spoon's body was a blue bottle, his arms were two wooden spoons and his head was made of two dishes, the white dish acting as his head and the blue dish acting as a hat. 

Unfortunately, like most programmes from the 70s/80s/90s, it no longer airs on television. I do however own a DVD of it that I watch occasionally as a guilty pleasure of mine. Wink

I also liked Thomas the tank engine as well, but I only grew up watching episodes from series 1 to series 5. I have seen a couple of series 6/7/8/9/10/11 episodes, but I wasn't keen on them. As for the CGI reboot that airs on television now, I refuse to watch that. It was bad enough that they kept the models for a while but gave them CGI faces, nevermind transforming the whole programme to CGI by 2009. Thomas the tank engine went to the dogs in 2009, in my opinion. 

When I was growing up, I liked watching things like:

  • Rainbow. 
  • Thomas the tank engine. 
  • Jamie and the magic torch. 
  • Chorlton and the wheelies. 
  • Button moon. 
  • Sooty and Sweep.  
  • Paddington Bear. 
  • Noddy.
  • Mr Men and Little Miss. 
  • Tugs. 
  • Mr Bean.
  • Trap door. 
  • Tom and Jerry.
  • Only fools and horses.
  • Bernard's Watch. 
  • Rosie and Jim.
  • Funhouse. 

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