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I did this lunchtime. (added a decoder)No screws need to be loosened.

Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver between the body and the chassis to lever the rear a bit, then look for purchase at the front. It is just a tight friction fit.

(A roman "mile" was "a thousand paces".. A pace being somewhere between a step and a stride.)

I ordered the expansion pack - it just turned up and the J15 is whizzing round my lockdownlayout pulling the coaches and a hogwarts brake I picked up for 15 quid.

Very nice little loco it is.

I was pleased to find the coaches had small tension locks on - I was expecting as railroad for them to still all have ye olde wide ones.

OK then. J15s all around!

I had to read the descriptions twice to see what I was missing.

The Christmas Hamper has a J15.

The Christmas Hamper Expansion Set 1 has a J15.

Luckily one is the LNER version and one the BR paint job.

But really? Entice people into the hopbby by attempting to sell them the same engine twice in quick succession?


This looks like its a "way to cut down on overstocks"... Especially if you note the two coaches in the  Hamper and Expansion are the same Railroad.


So - before I buy the Expansion Set and put the coaches on Ebay, is there anything fundamentally wrong with the J15?

You'll find (or at least I do) a great deal of difference between a Metcalfe card kit and a download-print-your-own. Pre-cut, with strenghtheners and oh so clear instructions, it's a world of difference to a downloaded kit and worth every shilling.

I've tried other card kits, particularly ones that say they are Rather Speedy to build and it's always ended in tears. until I tried Metcalfe i considered card kits the work of Sauron. 

Glue: I ended up using No More Nails Wood Glue on my last card model, for strange reasons I'm not getting into now, and it worked a treat! YMMV.

Well, we have a tube train incoming but not from Hornby..m

I disliked the resin platform pieces with a vengeance, badly fitting IMHO, and threw them away and cut up some "normal" plastic platforms to fit Hogsmeade instead. There's no rule that says you have to use the included platforms and they at least do match the height of "normal" platform sections. You could always make your own using third party card/plastic kits too.However I didn't lay the buildings out as per "prototype" as I wanted them on a curved section of platform. I don't count rivets either.

re: Captain Tom Rolling Stock

My wife informed me that Captain Tom was far too posh and well mannered to pull any of those nasty freight wagons, so mine's been pulling some Royal coaches around my track for the past few days (well, he rests sometimes :) )

yep I had that problem too; again.

I immediately emailed as a response to the email they sent.

I got an email reply within 3 days (this time) telling me to phone them.

It only took 20 minutes of on-hold before I spoke to a nice young lady who took my payment details with joy and delight.

I told her to expect another few calls from me until the website is fixed because I know all my pre-orders will get the same issue.


Now to find the "perfect" set of rolling stock for Cap'n Tom to pull!

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