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STTS sound decoder wishlist

Raf96 I can do this all day but I am not sure my ideas would be listened to:

  • My biggest ask would be for a programable TTS decoder where we can add our own sounds which should cheap to make (think raspberry pi and arduino boards ) and be great business for Hornby.
  • extend the freight wagon ide and have a TTS decoder around a brake van, and a luggage van for steam. 
  • I'd also borrow the idea of static TTS decoders from Gaugemaster for Skaledale buildings e.g.signal boxes, stations and farm houses and integradte would be unique.
  • For the Coronation Scott I'd license the Coronation Scot music played at Euston when she used to depart.
  •  For locos anything steamy and Southern as it's my focus plus there is only the S15 and Merchant Navy just nown(with hopefully Lord Nelson to come). For example  I have loksound in my Adams radial, Wainwright and Schools already and will likely add one to my Q1 as I am 58 already and may die before there is TTS decoder for this quirky but beautifully detailed Hornby model 



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Unfortunately the TTS decoder is a worm i.e. write once, read many. Thus it is just not user reprogrammable. The only reprogramming that can be done is to the MCU which controls motor and function actions not sound. Once factory programmed onto a blank chip the sound is locked apart from volume.


I do like the departure music idea.


As for the Q1 - I am 74 but one lives on in hope of seeing all these wishlist items on sale. After all it is not that long ago that retro fit TTS was considerred pie in the sky and this time last year who would have thought the Select would be talking to a PC and changing CVs.



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It would be interesting if Hornby produced TTS for any of the International models but we'll have to wait and see.............But I don't think Hornby have ever sold an SNCF BB63000 or a DB94/DR94/BR94/T16 Steam locomotive so these would be unlikely.


I am waiting for a TTS ALCo 251 for the Electrotren Renfe 316/318/321 types.............but probably will need to go Loksound as Friendly Fryer does above!


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Retro fit vent van style but one with a full set of signal box bell codes. Fit one under your signal boxes and bell chat to control your trains, maybe all as part of RM routing programs.

Halton Brat - Running Win 10, 64-bit - RM (Pro-Pack) with Elite as Controller-A, Select as Walkabout and E-Link as Controller-B - Locos are mostly TTS. http://www.halton96th.org.uk/page21.html


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@The Bulldozer

I'd love a decoder for first generation DMU's - I have a Hornby 101 and two 121's which would benefit from retro-fitted sound not to mention a Lima 117, 6 Bachmann DMU's and a Dapol 121 that I'd be looking to equip.I feel many Diesel modellers are probably in the same boat here - can't afford to equip with £100+ decoders but would happilly invest in a TTS decoder. Hornby would sell loads if they released one.

They still have both the 101 and the 121 in their Railroad range - seems like an ideal opportunity to me.


Yes I have a Class 101 which I would love to have sound on. I wonder how they would handle the pauses when going up through the gears Smile



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