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SThomas the tank engine episodes.

I was quite into Thomas the tank engine when I was a young boy. I read all of the Railway Series books, and I watched the older episodes narrated by Ringo Starr and a couple narrated by Michael Angelis on the television. I think Thomas the tank engine is what inspired me to take up my Model Railway hobby. 

I only watched episodes from series 1 to series 5 as a young boy. I have quite recently watched a couple of series 7 and series 8 episodes on YouTube, but I personally wasn't too keen on them, because they seemed too modern for my liking. I didn't like the look of the new characters like Fergus the traction engine, Harvey the crane engine, Salty the dockyard diesel etc, and I hated how they got rid of the original opening title and changed it to the "They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight" as heard today.

I prefer Ringo Starr's narration, to be honest, because I grew up watching the series 1 and series 2 episodes narrated by him. 



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Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

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And quite painful I believe. Oh sorry I thought you said Neuralgia.

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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You’ve got a nerve posting that in this thread WTD!

and thanks for all the fish


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I completely understand how you feel, Trainboy and company and I agree with you. I also do enjoy watching Series 7 onwards, including the CGI episiodes and films. None of these will ever beat Series 1 and 2 however, which is narrated by Ringo Starr, in the UK versions.


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GNR-Gordon-4, I personally thought it was rubbish after series 5, but that is my own personal opinion. I did watch a couple of series 7 episodes on Youtube. Fergus and Emily got on my nerves a bit, but I quite liked the look of that big red LMS Ivatt Class 2MT called Arthur. 

I have just turned 50 and I’m still a big Thomas and friends fan.  So my wife bought my the Thomas trainset But yes ringo in my eyes is still the best narrator.Smile


I couldn't agree more. I liked Ringo Starr's narration the best, and even now I still like to watch Thomas the tank engine episodes as a guilty pleasure of mine. I personally view the old-style Thomas as suitable for all ages and a prorgamme you can never be too old or too young for, wether you are one year old or 103 years old. Smile

I haven't seen any of the new CGI episodes and I know absolutely nothing about the new characters, but I have purchased a couple of the newer battery powered trains so that I could use the shells to make custom models. 


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I appear to have missed some replies to this topic. I am slacking for sure! Surprised Laughing Wink Smile


@Trainboy and company


I like Arthur too. Despite his last appearance was back in 2008 in Series 12, he is one of my favourite characters. I always wanted Hornby to release Arthur, but now Hornby no longer have the Thomas & Friends license, I will just have to hope Bachmann Trains release him.




Cool. Enoy your new Train Set. Cool Wink Smile


I am 22 and I still love Thomas. I have a very large collection of OO / HO models, from Hornby and Bachmann Trains.


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I liked Arthur, and yes it is a shame that a Hornby model of him will unfortunately never be created. I just hope that Bachmann will someday create an Arthur model. 

I wouldn't have minded having a Hornby Fergus the traction engine either, but I could imagine that Hornby would have had a hard time trying to make him. I do have an ERTL Fergus the traction engine, and I either put him on a flat bed so that he can be pulled along by a Hornby locomotive, or I sometimes put him on the track as a non-moving locomotive with some wagons behind him to make it look like he is pulling a line of trucks. 

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