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Please be advised at present we are experiencing additional delivery delays with carrier companies we hope to get your orders to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience at the time.

SRocket Third Third Class Open Coach


My 3 are on their way.

Got mine Direct from Hornby. Unless there is a massive saving I choose Hornby. Rails and Hattons if the saving is big. Or eBay if they're all sold out elsewhere.


Clicked the above link to the eBay sale and noticed the only feedback left was to say the order had been cancelled. I would reiterate the statement above re buying from eBay. Allways use PayPal. I've got thousends of items over the years and never lost out. As an example recently I wanted an Xbox controller and it had to be Bluetooth. I actually ended up paying for 5. 2 where highjacked accounts, and the money was refuned by eBay. 2 did not have Bluetooth, 1 was refunded by the seller before it was sent, the other, after it arrived and was found not to have Bluetooth (dispite being listed as such). In the end I paid more and got the Latest Xbox Series S version. Thing is, I did not lose out.

My 3 direct from hornby arrived this morning! They look pretty good (although I haven't taken them out the box yet). I am chuffed I'll be able to run a full rocket rake now!


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Yes mine arrived this afternoon. Yes, it is very nice.

Well my 3 open coaches arrived today. Nice detail, just one complaint. They have no couplings; they do have hooks that match the ones on the Roaket and its coaches. I guess one is supposed use the "chains" from and replace the coaches that come with the Rocket, with one of the new blue open coaches as with the replica as recently ran.


I got 3 because I wanted to replicate something based on the trains in the old print/drawing tittled "Traveling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway". This shows 2 Rocket like trains one pulling 4 yellow Rocket type coaches, a red one and a flat bed carrying a landau. The second train (the most Rocket like) is pulling 5 open coaches; 3 very much like the Hornby open one. It's a good thing that I have replaced my couplings with chain from a necklace. Otherwise I would have been short of a few.


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There should be a little bag with two couplings in. Mine definitely had them. I will probably replace them with them chain, but they should be there.

I opened one and did not see any. I'll just check again.


Found 'em. I opened the wrong end of the box and only slid it out half way.

I've had the messages, my coach is due to be delivered tomorrow, hopefully. Wink

Regards, Ruff...


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I received my one today 

I made a video of it running with rocket 


I do know what I’m doing most of the time

@Ruffnut Thorston

I've had the messages, my coach is due to be delivered tomorrow, hopefully. Wink

Well, confusion reigns....


I had both a text message and an email yesterday, Monday, stating that my DPD package would be delivered today, Tuesday.


No it wasn’t...


When I activated the DPD App this morning , it said that DPD didn’t have the package yet...


This evening, it now says that the package is en route, and is to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday...(I will say again, hopefully!...)


So, another day gone... Undecided

Regards, Ruff...


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Next they'll be sending you an electronic survey that takes 3 minutes or more asking what you thought of their service and how they can improve .... !!



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