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SRailmaster unable to connect to activation gateway.

Just successfully transferred my railmaster to new w10 desktop.

Connected ELITE and all ok. However I am currently trying to re-register the software but it will connect. Message at bottom of registration screen reads

Connecting to activation gateway.

Message at top of activation screen reads

Software activation by internet (Not responding)

So far have had 3 goes without success.

Help please


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Community Moderator

It might be a temporary server problem. Park the task for today and try again tomorrow.


It might be your Firewall blocking internet access for RM ... have you created a Firewall exception as per the RM Security.pdf manual. Use the Windows Firewall only and disable any third-party Firewall that you might also have installed at the same time .. like Norton's for example.


What AV does the new W10 laptop have installed. Norton and McAfee are known to be too aggressive for RM.


Send a 'support request' using the inbuilt help system. Make a point of saying that it is a test message to check communications. You should get a near instant 'automated acknowledgement reply'. If you don't get this reply, then look at the Firewall and AV points mentioned above as these would appear to be blocking RM access to the Internet.



Chris........ Making the wood in the trees visible.

Hi Chrissaf

Yes I have ensured access through the firewall both public and private. Currently only Windows Firewall as pc is brand new today.

Anyway I have bought it to use specifically with Railmaster (24" Screen and W10) so I probably will not bother with 3rd party security software as the the only files on it will be Railmaster.

Hi again Chrissaf

Just to let you know that all is now ok. Not sure what changed but I ran set-up again and got myself a beer and now its all sorted. Must be a clue there somewhere.

Thanks for your help.


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Community Moderator

Sounds like a temporary 'server unavailable' issue at the HRMS end of the Internet link as per my very first suggestion in my earlier reply. This can happen when they update their software or it was just genuinely busy and not accepting connections.


Don't forget as you are moving from Windows XP to Windows 10 you will need to ensure that your 'railmaster.ini' file content is Windows 10 friendly.


The following assumes that the following lines are not already at the suggested values.


If you use an eLink change "Reset eLink on start=" from 1 to 0

I also suggest if you are using an eLink that the following lines are set

Alternative comms=1

Check controller=1


If you are using an Elite then try these instead:

Alternative comms=1

Check controller=0


The above are only suggestions and may need further amendments if controller communication issues subsequently arise.

Chris........ Making the wood in the trees visible.

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