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SRailMaster / eLink decoder issues

Hi, not sure if this has been covered, I've had a browse of the DCC section and didn't notice anything relevant to my issue. Apologies if answers have already been covered. 

I currently have 4 DCC fitted locomotives. R1075 Mixed goods set class 08 and the BR 0-6-0. Also a Mallard TTS and Ketley Hall TTS from the Western Express set...

...I'm running railmaster via e-link off my PC but also have a basic select (old firmware 1.1)  

Using the Select, I have no issues running the Class 08, BR 0-6-0 and Ketley Hall (not tried the sound) but it runs fine. All decoders are factory set to "3". The Mallard won't work on the Select as when purchased the decoder was set to 4468 - no idea why lol :) so that's all good...

The problem is that for the life of me I can't get the Clsss 08 or BR 0-6-0 to work on Railmaster. Ketley Hall and Mallard work fine! I have added and deleted locomotives from My list so to have only one currently set to adress "3" but to no avail. 

Does anybody have any ideas that could assist? I don't understand why address 3 works fine for 3 locomotives on the Select but only for one of them on Railmaster. 



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As you say the Select 1.1 is very old firmware. There have been many previous reports similar to yours where locos configured on version 1.0 / 1.1 Selects are not recognised by RailMaster / eLink running the latest eLink firmware [version 1.07].


The solution is to use RailMaster / eLink to RESET the decoders in the locos [write a value of 8 to CV8], then readdress them with NEW addresses using RailMaster. Performing an 8 to CV8 factory reset will also revert the loco with the 4468 DCC address back to 03, where it can then be readdressed again to something more manageable.


I find it odd that you say that many of the locos are still address 03, this seems to infer that you do not seem to appreciate how DCC works and that all the locos should be given separate and unique DCC addresses [anything but 03].


You really need to devise a proper DCC addressing scheme. DCC Address 03 should be avoided on your layout so that you can always use DCC Address 03 to test a new loco / decoder purchase. It is prudent and good practice to test all new decoders on the factory address first for correct functionality, before you try to change any settings. That way, if something doesn't work afterwards, you know it is something you have done.


If you start at DCC Address 10 and then go 11, 12, 13 etc then 03 is left clear.


It seems to me, based upon what you have written in your post that you might be struggling with RailMaster in terms of how to 'Address a loco' and operate it using the software.


These tutorial posts of mine might assist in simplifying these basic tasks.


Using RM to change the address of an existing Loco



Using RM to read and write CVs



Manually adding a Loco to the RM Database.



Full description of the ‘Locomotive Settings’ screen in detail.



Setting up Flying Scotsman TTS Sound Functions.



If none of your locos have sound, then just ignore the 'sound' related steps in the tutorials. Look to MY posts in the threads linked above.


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Thank you for the information, I shall try the reset of the decoders. 


Just to add I fully understand the concept of Digital running and will in time (now maybe quicker than first anticipated) have individually addressed locomotives. I'm Currently in the process of building my layout, and Don't intend to run any of them properly until finished. I'm sure it would be unwise to run brand new locos (Mallard and Ketley Hall) around track covered in PVA glue, static grass and all the dust and grime associated with building a layout. 


Locos are still set to 03 as I was having a little play around on a non scenic area, and testing them prior to packing away until my layout is finished and in top working clean condition. I found an issue and sort to resolve by asking the question, giving as much information as possible to aid in said resolution.


I believe how I plan and run my layout is frankly nobody else's business. I'm sure we all have our methods, some better than others. Thank you for the advise regarding the decoder reset, that was all that was necessary. 


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Be aware your Select will not operate many sound functions at that revision state. Probably well worth getting it updated for the little money involved then you will have a good versatile basic controller to fall back on.

Halton Brat - Running Win 10, 64-bit - RM (Pro-Pack) with Elite as Controller-A, Select as Walkabout and E-Link as Controller-B - Locos are mostly TTS. http://www.halton96th.org.uk/robs_rails.html

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