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SR3616 "Black 5 '5089'" - Questions About The Tender


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Hello all,

I've been looking at picking up Hornby's R3616 LMS 4-6-0 Class 5 '5089' but I'm hesitating based on reviews I've seen about other Hornby Black 5 locos. I was not able to find a review for R3616 itself, but given how Hornby likes to reuse similar molds and techniques for similar engines I assume that many of the Hornby Black 5 engines are the same despite different release years/lines. In many of these reviews it is stated that the loco has a very heavy tender, left over from when the motor was mounted within, and that the tender hinders the loco's ability to pull rolling stock. Can anyone who owns R3616 or knows more about it confirm whether the tender is one of the heavier ones and/or if the tender affects performance? 

Thank you.


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I bought the limited edition one and that definitely has a different tender as you mount the sound loudspeaker and TTS decoder in it, which you wouldn't be able to do if was the old ringfield type. Are you sure you are not getting mixed up with a Railroad version?


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ColinB - Thanks for the clarification. Does your model have any difficulty pulling more than 2 coaches due to the tender? I may be wrong, but I assume that R3616 would have a similar tender to yours if yours is the One:One model.


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It looks like a more recent edition of the super detail Black 5.


I have R2323 '5000'.

I routinely add weight to the locomotives where able, and definitely to the tenders as I don't like them to be featherweight - were half the weight of the locomotive or more in 'real life'.


Recently had mine hauling 12 coaches around my 4th radius circle test track without too much difficulty.

Tender on mine is definitely not that of the old removed motor ringfield chassis.


If this is an issue, I would locate the appropriate Service Sheet and check it out.




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I usually run mine with 4 coaches without any issue.


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R3616 is a super detailed versio.it as now been around for over ten plus years but is / was a all new tooling and as nothing to do with the older tender drive model. And differ in in may ways from what is now the black5 in the railroad range.  Ie it's to scale and comes in many forms just like the real blacks fives. short  and long wheel base, short tall chimne,  3 different boilers etc. Very good models and can recommend it. I have 5 though I admit I don't have 5089.

if it Doesn't come in CRIMSON, it ain't a proper engine


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Service sheets:


SS347 Railroad and Henry with dummy ringfield in the tender.

SS355 21-pin Loksound decoder and speaker fitted in tender.

SS431  =>2017 - TTS version with decoder and speaker in the tender.

Halton Brat - Running Win 10, 64-bit - RM (Pro-Pack) with Elite as Controller-A, Select as Walkabout and E-Link as Controller-B - Locos are mostly TTS. http://www.halton96th.org.uk/robs_rails.html

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