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SPrivate Owner Wagons in SR in the 1930's

The Doc

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Wow.  Thank you to LC&DR for sharing your knowledge with us (on so many occasions).  It is great to have such detailed posts to help us with our modelling (or playing trains, if you prefer that expression).  Although I model the East Anglia in the 1950s  I found this really useful.  I reckon I can get away with a few very faded wooden bodied PO wagons, which means the ones I just repainted in pristine grey will have to be weathered carefully!

The Doc


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 A while ago Peter Tatlow analysed a photo of Inverness in the 1930s and ascertained the ratio of big four wagons were

LMS - 5  LNER - 4 GWR - 3 and SR - 2

This may help.





 All the 'colour ' didn't disappear completely after Nationalisation,

A few of the recently-announced Tilmanstone PO wagons by Oxford Rail will be finding a home behind a Class 33 in BR green and a 73 in banger blue in my neck of the woods.


On my train set Rule 1 applies... hence my username Smile


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I alway thought Rule 1 was 'Mother is always right'. Wink

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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 You may find the following statistics useful

UK Railway Goods Rolling Stock  in service 1/1/1928    

Southern                                                   35,877

Great Western                                        88,406

London  Midland and Scottish          305,453

London and North Eastern                 278,654

Privately Owned Coal Wagons        578,626

Privately owned tank wagons          12,730

Other Privately owned wagons       43,871

Total items  of goods rolling stock               1,343,617



Green trains are best!


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An intersting break down LC. Especially the PO fleet exluding the tanker fleet out numbering the total Southern fleet......Moving on I also wonder how many of the LNER fleet were coal wagons inherited from the North Eastern. As the old North Eastern usually provided a "Pithead to Port" fleet of it's own coal wagons, which were also used to supply coal to where ever merchants had a depot. Grasnted many of the areas collieries had their own internal fleets to especially the bigger outfits like the Ashington Coal Co., Lambton, Hetton & Jociey Collieries [who had running rights into Sunderland from Washington on the "Mainline"].


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 Hi MalB,


I happen to have the LNER Accounts for 1928 and the following information extracted from it may be of interest.


They had 90,741 mineral wagons, 30 were under 8 tons carrying capacity, 13,801 were 8 tons and under 10 tons, 18,703 were 10 tons and under 12 tons, 20,832 were 12 tons carrying capacity, 15,757 were over 12 tons and under 20 tons, 21,618 were 20 tons and over. Undoubtedly most of the 21,618 20 ton plus wagons were ex North Eastern 'double X' (e.g. slope sided wooden bodied wagons.). The steel hopper wagons were some years into the future.


For complereness the rest of the LNER wagon fleet consisted of 127,289 open wagons (other than mineral) , 30,746 Covered wagons. 3,324 Special wagons, 7,296 Cattle wagons, 14,116 Rail and timber trucks, and 4,547 brake vans.


If the 16,356 items of 'Service' rolling stock (not included above) ,  2,879 were Ballast wagons, 68 were breakdiwn cranes, 11,103 were loco coal, ash and sand, 144 were gasholder trucks (gas lighting was still used in a few carriages, and for catering cars), 708 Mess and tool vans, 209 timber, rail and sleeper trucks, 222 travelling cranes, and 1,006 miscellaneous.


Ar the same time the LNER had 13,720 passenger carriages, and 7,295 non-passenger carriages (parcels, mail, perishables etc by passenger train)



Green trains are best!

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