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SOpening R439 - 0020


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Can anyone help.?

I am totally new to the world of Model Railways.Having retired through ill health, I needed something to keep me occupied. My 5yr old grandson is MAD on trains............so trains it was !!!

Sorry, my question is : how do I open a R439 0020 Carriage ? It is one of the early ones, and I can see no screws,lugs etc. All I can see is a clip at either end of carriage, below corridor. Don't want to force anything.



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These early MK3 coaches were simply clipped together at the factory.  They are not hard to take apart, using a flat blade screw driver to pry off the body at either one of the corridor ends.  Just be a little cautious as to how much pressure you use.


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Usually you can see which side of the lug has the barb so you know which way to prise to release it. There may be one at each corner and a couple more amidships.

Some coaches have a lug on the chassis at each end engaging in a slot in the body.

Some older coaches the roof pries off and there are screws to relese the body from the chassis.

It is usually a case of gently pry and see where there is resistance to parting and look for lugs or screws in that area.

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