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Soo vs ho


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I like the look of Rivarossi locos .Would they run on 00 track safely ?


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Yes, it's the same track.........HB


Standard gauge track is 4' 8 1/2 " which when scaled @ 1:87 (HO) = 16.495mm ....16.5mm as produced..........same track is used for OO but is not to scale as rolling stock is at a scale of 1:76

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Yes, it's the same track.........HB


Standard gauge track is 4' 8 1/2 " which when scaled @ 1:87 (HO) = 16.495mm ....16.5mm as produced..........same track is used for OO but is not to scale as rolling stock is at a scale of 1:76

Thanks for that . Must check my bank balance !


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I have an HO loco on my layout that I just liked the look of!

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Yes, OO Gauge and HO locomotives run on the same track. It's just scale is the difference between the two. The track is the same. Has the same distance of space between each rail, regardless whether or not the track you have, was sold as OO or as HO.


I have several HO locomotives and rolling stock and they all run on my PECO OO Gauge track with no problems, at all.



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I would liove to haul some interwar wagon LITS behind my 00 Sir Francis Drake like the 2018 brochure cover, and i think these are only in HO so I may be mixing and matching, hwo awful would that look? 

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They will look quite small compared to OO rolling stock but on their own might not look too bad. 

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The problem with running HO scale CIWLsleeping  carriages with an OO scale Lord Nelson is that the loco will tower over them (in dimensional  terms HO carriages are 4.5 mm too narrow,  6.5 mm too squat and 30 mm too short [12.5%], than they would be if made to proper 4mm scale)  . Now you may find that to be acceptable but if I were to do it I would notice it and it would irritate me, so  I would regard them as 'awful' .


 I live in hope that one day somebody will make a reasonably priced version of the CIWL Ferry Sleepers in 4mm scale (Ideally Hornby because they already make the appropriate locomorives to haul them (Lord Nelson, Battle of Britain, Air Smoothed Merchant Navy, 2550hp type HA Bo-Bo electric (AKA class 71)). Some were sold by one of the magazines a few years ago but as  I recall they were very expensive.


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I run both, as have Riverossi, MTH, and some american Bachmann stuff. Does not look out of place.

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I have some Lima h0 wagons and they are noticably smaller than an 00 equivalent.

If I ever see my boxes again from storage I will post side by side pictures.


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