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SNew - Accept Cookies Pop-up - like a Kangaroo !!


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To add to the "fun" Frown I am also getting the black pop-up which asks "Have you found ......... etc. Can this be banished  to the Underworld forever ?   BTW  Windows 7 does not remember the Accept cookies pop-up, which keeps leaping up.



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I know it's easy to sit back and criticise, but it's also very easy to fix this issue; the website team must be aware of the issue.  Looking at the dev tools on any browser, there are various errors related to this and other issues on the site - why is it taking so long to fix this really annoying bug!!


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why is it taking so long to fix this really annoying bug!!


Because it is not a BUG it is just a poorly designed piece of commercial code. The pop-up is operating as the original pop-up code designer intended it to work [as long as you are seeing the pop-up reducing to the black bar]. The Hornby web team loaded a commercial 'off the shelf' cookie acceptance applet as an emergency. As a short term fill in fix, until such time as it can be replaced with code that is a custom match to the Hornby custom forum software. Good or bad, the majority I think consider it bad, the Hornby forum is a completely custom forum, outsourced to a third party software development company and is not based upon commercial 'off the shelf' forum software. This does make adding changes rather difficult, particularly when done at short notice as in this case. The ComMods do acknowledge however that the replacement of this annoying cookie acceptance pop-up is taking far longer than Hornby admin originally indicated to us that it would take when we originally raised it with them as an issue. Note that the recent 'unable to post URLs and images' issue took the best part of a month to resolve, but it did get resolved in the end. Just be patient.

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With respect Chrissaf, it's a bug. This was not how the developer coded this. 


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On some platforms you can right click and view the source code behind a webpage. You may wish to look at how this commercial applet was (poorly) integrated into the Hornby custom code and offer the IT team a solution. I am sure they would appreciate an instant fix to pass to their developers.


Be aware that you cannot post code onto the forum or it will be blocked. Use the Report button to send your offerings to them.

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It has been designed with the Triang Giraffe car in mind.  I assume Hornby have paid a lot of money for this tailored website that is full of problems and has been in various ways for years. Remember when you spent around 20 mins putting together a reply only to be timed out when you pressed send and the whole lot was lost unles you clicked cut and paste. Even the links section went haywire a few weeks ago.

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