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SLoft Layout in the Rafters??


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Good Morning Everyone,

I have recently seen a picture online of shelving that was installed in a new house that involves timbers screwed to the loft roof supports to make shelving along the length of the property and wondered could this idea be used for a layout?

So desperate to have somewhere to run my loco's on .. having 50 plus engines all boxed up in the house is no fun!




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That's a good idea - can't see any thing wrong with that - just make sure your loft is well insulated & damp free - you don't want any of your track / rolling stock going rusty now!!!

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel. Every 1 has busy lives but you don't relise what you have missed untill it's too late - Please who every is reading this - make time for your family/friends before it's too late!!!


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My house has a roof like that. I installed battens and slated shelves to store stuff in the space. The roof is layered with breathable membrane. The floor, chipboard, in the main area is laid on supports so the Rockwall insulation isn't compressed and pops the  bedroom ceilings. However my railway is not up there as the temperature changes are too great. No doubt, adding foam sheets between the rafters would alleviate that but the surface area is large. The outer tiles are also Matt mid brown so good at getting hot. So much as I would have loved to build up there I use a bedroom. Access is easier and the temperature is fairly constant year round by using heating or opening the windows. Just something to think about.

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My house roof trusses are also like that and I shall adopt the idea for better access to the CCTV DVR and Photo-Voltaic gubbins that are installed up there and also to use the shelves for general storage.

The DVR was sited there by the last owner for its own security apparently, but it is a tad inconvenient to get at to say the least and it gets very dusty.

The trains will be more sensibly lodged in a converted garage when I can make space in there to start building the track boards.

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I have done exactly as you propose. It works well as you can set the height to suit you.  I have created a 4-loop layout approx 5m x 3m and still in the process of landscaping. (ballasting can be a pain though!).  Insulation to floor and underside of sarking is essential to avoid temperature difference issues.  Won't solve it as it can be too hot or too cold at times.  Good luck


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Others have made the point also, but be aware that your loft space will likely be subject to seasonal extremes of temperature, from very hot to near freezing, which can have a damaging effect on stock stored and used there. Both plastic and metal will expand and contract with, sometimes, very expensive consequences. However, loft space can be used successfully, but ideally it should be insulated and boarded-out first by a reputable builder with loft space conversion experience. They will also move or adjust the loft hatch if required and can install a retractable ladder for better (and safer) access. Building Regulation approval may be necessary from your local authority. It will cost a bit, but you'll need to do it only once and well worth it.    


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That is exactly where my railway is. Yes it gets extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. In the summer a bought a big fan, I did think of getting a velux fitted just to get more air circulation, in the winter a big woolly.


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This is a really interesting idea. The rafters almost look like they are part of the scenery. Where did you get your railway station from?


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This is a really interesting idea. The rafters almost look like they are part of the scenery. Where did you get your railway station from?

Looks like the Metcalfe mainline booking office po 320


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The staion is indeed a Metcalfe P0320 as Harry rightly surmised as were the platforms. Since that image was taken I have added a lot to the scene including Railway Shed, Signal box, Station Masters' house (all Metcalfe), siding infills, ballast, road and platform lighting etc. and currently installing siding lighting  It looks a much more complete area now.  If it is of interest I will take a further pic and let you see what I have managed in such a restricted space.

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