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SHow do you store your locos, wagons and coaches?


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So planning is going well and most parts ordered or in possession ready to build the new layout.  As mentioned this will most likely be kept against a wall and put on the dining table every time I use it.  However someone just raised an issue that made me think. That is where am I going to store my trains and rolling stock.  At the moment they are in their packaging.  But I realise that taking them in and out is a receipe for things getting damaged.  Also some of the things that I will be adding will not have it's original box.


My initial plan is probably 1-2 Tank small locos a larger County Class with tender and a selection of goods trucks, 4 wheel short coaches and full length carriages.  All in GWR livery.


So How do people store theirs.  Space is at a premium and anything like a box they are kept in may then need moving around.  Apart from some sort of cupboard with rails fitted to the shelves it is difficult to think of a good solution.  So what do other members do?  I can't imagine that everyone leaves their rolling stock permenently out on their track.



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Castle man, hi, More shelves than you can throw a stick at. I like everything on display, at all times. Lidl glass cabinet. And, yes, i do leave about 22 locos out, at a time, plus coaches, and wagons. The last thing i would want to do, is to spend 40 mins, unpacking/ setting up. I can walk upstairs, turn on power, and run, within seconds. I appreciate, you have a storage problem, but i think you will become bored/ fed up, very quickly, if you have to spend ages, setting up. You will start to find reasons why you wont bother. john

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I have my stock out of the boxes but sitting in drawers in an Ikea mini-filing cabinet type thing.

If I need to swap stuff out on track then what comes off the layout goes into the drawers in place of what went on the track.


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All the normal stuff lives on the track, mostly! (Until the cat decides to kill them all!)

Limited editions that I collect live in their boxes, as they very rarely come out to play.

What Castle-man could do is raid the local B+Q etc, and collect up some tea-trays, preferrably wood, and store his loco's and stock on them. Gardening fleece over the top will keep the worst of the dust off, but watch for it snagging on small parts.

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Wagons on layout, in drawer and Bachmann stock boxes. Coaches, only have 9 in stock box. Locos anout 10 on layout and other 90 or so in display cabinets. 

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To begin with, I stored wagons and coaches in partitioned A4 file boxes (the partitions being made from corrigated cardboard).  As the collection grew I obtained some desktop file draws from Staples which I lined with card to prevent scuffs as they proved too shallow for the coaches and vans to stand upright.  Locos, apart from some of the smaller types, are kept in their original packaging when not out on the layout.

Link to some of the storage photos.


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Thanks for the good ideas.  A couple of other things that I have looked at include Gratnells Smart Cases with foam inserts.  They also have customisable Storage for model railways but that looks more of an outlay.  http://www.gratnells.com/

The other thing was Warley Stock Boxes from Modellers Mecca.  http://www.modellers-mecca.co.uk/accessories/8261-wsboo-warley-stock-box-oo-gauge.html

Has anyone used either of these? 


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Hi Castle-Man. The Warley Stock Boxes look like a practical solution if you are very short of space. Not too expensive either. Being able to label contents also very useful.

If you have a spare chest of drawers or tallboy you could make up cartridge paper dividers for you locos and rolling stock similar to GeoFF's suggestion. I have done this as well as having a bunch of coaches visible on 2 -inch wide shelves on the wall behind the layout. I will post some photos.



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The Warley boxes are exactly the same as the Bachmann boxes I mentioned. Very good. 

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For my locomotives and wagons, I unboxed them frok there original boxes and store those in the attic, to stop them a getting damaged.


For my locomotives, I store them in the colourful range of boxes made by CMC.


For my rolling stock, I store them in throw-away cardboard boxes that has x500 pieces of A4 paper in. My dad works at printers, so he takes some home every-so-often. Stops a few getting thrown away and gives them some other use!

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