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SHornby points decoder

Hi can anyone help ? I have a horby points decoder , I can get port 1 to work but when I connect a points motor up to port 2 ( or any other ) nothing works !! I tried setting it up in my newly acquired railmaster last night and noticed one programmed port 1 settings are in dark black whilst 2,3,4 ports are greyed out ! Any ideas ? Regards steve


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...and noticed one programmed port 1 settings are in dark black whilst 2,3,4 ports are greyed out!


If you mean this screen as below, then that is normal. The reason ports 2 to 4 are greyed out is because they get their addresses from whatever you input into port 1. So you don't need to access the greyed ports yourself directly. You'll notice that they are shown greyed (normal) in this image too.



You are more than likely not doing something correctly. But since we don't know what you have done so far in any detail, we can't tell you what you have done wrong.


This previous post below, provides a full documented tutorial on how to set up and use the R8247 in RailMaster with screen shots to follow (fourth post down on the page):




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Hi thanks for the reply .. I have sorted the problem ..I reset to factory settings in railmaster

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