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SHornby Forum Christmas Competition 2019


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It is time for the annual Hornby Forum Christmas Competition! Each year we offer you the chance to win a fantastic prize by telling us something about your Christmas here on the Forum.


For this year’s competition we’d like you to tell us, in 75 words or less, how Hornby and model railways bring you and your family together over the festive period. Whether you run a particular layout or invite others to join you in running your trains, we’d like to hear about it!


Do make sure your entry is 75 words or under as we can’t consider any post which goes over the word limit. Please submit your entry to this thread before the end of Sunday 15th December. The winner will be selected in the days following the competition’s closure.


Full Terms & Conditions can be found here. Only one entry can be considered per Forum user.


965 posts

The prize this year is a R1176 Eurostar Train Set.



The prize will be dispatched as soon as possible once the winner is announced, and while we will make every effort, we can’t make any guarantees that delivery will be in time for Christmas Day.


*Competition ends Sunday 15th December.

Mine was from childhood  I got to see what my Uncle had created in his loft and I was in awe, though I dont have the room for a big layout in the house theres a great joy in passing the wonder of hornby trains onto my nephews and trying to help them build up a decent track setting of their own with buildings, features and enginges aplenty

I have loved and collected model railways since I was a child. My first set was the great western pannier tanker goods master set when I was just 5 years old and it's still running to this day. I love to share all my hornby train sets with friends  and family at Christmas time and I often run my silver jubilee set at Christmas. 

My dad got me interested as a young lad many years ago.  Now aged 63 the family is gone but love of trains encourages conversations with old friends from my youth now living in Australia and their families.  Christmas is THE time we make that special effort to chat together.

Every Christmas I get my Hornby collection out for me and my younger brothers (ages 2-13) to enjoy. We normaly set up a small layout, using the track we have collected over the years, and run some trains round. This Christmas however me and my dad are taking on the task of building a loft layout so that come Christmas Day me and my brothers can enjoy our new trains ,santa brings, on our layout 

I gifted the Hornby Christmas train set to my son and it has become a family tradition to have the loop laid out on a table running around our small tree. Our dog chases the train and chews the tree if we have one standing on the floor, but it brings a smile to our faces every year so we found a way for all to be happy. Thank you Hornby


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My favorite time of the year was putting the Christmas express train together for under the tree. As an adult, I have got one for my family to put under our tree. All the kids love it & can watch it for ages. . I wanted my kids to experience a Christmas the same way I did.

Although not on the scale of Rod Stewart we have always had an interest in trains brought on by living next to a railway track in our childhood,the memory of the steam trains passing every day are as vivid now as they were all those years ago,and though my son didn't share the same enthusiasm,of late his interest has  increased especially after having a steam journey experience,and he purchased his first model train recently, so in hopeful anticipation I've began clearing the loft look out Rod Stewart 

We have a small layout the runs round the base of the tree, and my children choose a new wagon every year to run on the train. 

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