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SHornby 1970s poster


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Scanning some old slides of mine I came across this view from 1977, the Queen's Silver Jubilee year. It was taken on 3rd June that year near King Edward Bridge Junction, Gateshead and shows a DMU passing the Hornby Railways poster of a GWR 'Hall' 4-6-0 locomotive and Pullman coaches with the line 'We would like to express our congratulations'.

I was wondering if anyone else managed to photograph this poster with a real train in the same picture - or was this location unique?




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I actually lived in those flats for a few months after moving away from a crazy landlord in Gateshead in the early 80's. It was called St Cuthbert's Village and was partly decent put rough too and when I moved from there it was eventually flattened.

The poster board I do remember but the site to the right of the picture is where the Redheugh Bridge was built and opened on 18th May 1983 by Princess Diana Spencer and I was there on my birthday to see her. That board, not the poster obviously, was still there for some time afterward. Not now of course.

The bridge was built for the princely sum of £15,350,000.



The Village is long gone either side of the bridge in this picture which was taken in March 2008.


I don't remember seeing too many posters with Hornby advertising but a mere couple. Not known where though but this is a decent capture and I have a pic of a double header of 37's I think there are at the very same spot almost. Might dig it out if I remember. All I can remember is that I was walking across the bridge at the time toward Gateshead and had my camera in hand with film loaded... waiting... for anything really.

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WOW - try your luck on a Auction - might be worth some thing - who knows - that photo does look very  unique to me!!!

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel. Every 1 has busy lives but you don't relise what you have missed untill it's too late - Please who every is reading this - make time for your family/friends before it's too late!!!


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I know the area well. The poster may well have been relating to the Silver Jubilee in 1977. The nearby Tyne and Wear Metro bridge began construction in 1976 and is called the Queen Ellizabeth II bridge.  It wasn’t opened until the early 80’s by her Royal Majesty, and would have still been in construction in 77, who also opened the Metro system itself early 80’s so it may be related to that (its been extened since but runs on part of the old lines to the coast on the north tyneside loop, to South Shields on the south of the Tyne and partly to somewhere to the west of Gosforth on a branch line which is just north of Newcastle and was extended to Newcastle airport). they may have known that’s what it was to be named perhaps.  From South Gosforth and West Jesmond it branches off south underground through the city centre (away from Manors station) and then across the Tyne via said bridge.

Manors was a large station and is still a metro station just east of Newcastle, and on the ECML (ECML doesn’t stop). Manors used to go up to Gosforth (you can see the line keeps going straight Coming south but the metro veers off now into the tunnel into Newcastle city centre from Gosforth to the north) but you have to change underground in Newcastle to get to it. 



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He says it is regarding the Queens silver jubilee. The year out daughter was born. 

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@ AugustusCaesar

I was also there when Princess Diana opened the new Redheugh Bridge in 1983 but it was too crowded for me to get a decent photo. When she was killed in the car crash in Paris the commemorative opening day plaque on the bridge was festooned with flowers and pictures of her - I've got some shots of that somewhere.

My DMU photo was taken from the old Redheugh Bridge (which was demolished in 1984) - you can see the shadow of the railings in the bottom RH corner.

This b&w picture was taken from the new bridge in 1987 - it was higher than the old bridge so the angle is not the same and I have turned the camera more to the left to include the tower block, which today is the only remaining part of St Cuthberts Village. It looks like the road sign is roughly on the same spot where the Hornby poster was.

You could get a good view of Gateshead loco depot from the overhead walkways of the flats. I might dig some out and upload them in due course.


Do you remember 'Drive one this weekend'? Hornby poster.


If you don't know, The answer is in page 25 of Hornby book of trains 25th Editions issue in 1979.

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You could get a good view from the top of the wall as you went down Askew (?) Road. At a couple of spots there were footsteps so you could climb up (and over?). Opposite the Pacific Shed. Wink

PP.......... The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you


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Great photo, I know the location well but was too young to travel to Gateshead shed back then, from Blaydon.  

However, I did get the set featured on the poster for Christmas; the Silver Jubilee Passenger set - Albert Hall and 4 pullman coaches.  Oh, and the battery controller, that needed some huge square battery which probably cost as much as a mains controller.  I remember the loco was d.o.a. so my dad had to take it to Beatties on Pilgrim St, who were an authorised repair centre back then.  Mildly disapppointing Xmas day for a 12 year old!


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I think that it is a really cool poster & really like it & cool to have apart from where it says 

'We would like to express our congratulations'.

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel. Every 1 has busy lives but you don't relise what you have missed untill it's too late - Please who every is reading this - make time for your family/friends before it's too late!!!

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