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SDuchess Detailing R3677

My Duchess of Hamilton arrived today and she is lovely, but I am puzzled by  two things -

1. Why is the extra front bogey supplied?

2. Can I fit the detailing pipes around the front bogey given my layout has a minimum radius of 850mm (2' 10" in old money)?


I guess better manuals would answer this as it seems odd to ask this sort of stuff on a forum about a brand new design.

My final question is given that the railroad stripey coaches are unlikely to be re-tooled to match can someone tell me what else this lovely loco would have actually pulled when not in the USA?





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One bogie has scale size wheels the other under size to negotiate smaller rad curves. Have you compared them? 


May I suggest to test the loco to see if you can add pipes. See if they will stay in place without glue and try it. PVA will hold them in place and can be easily removed. Only you will know if the pipes will be in the way, it’s not something they can put in the instructions, all layouts act differently for some reason. 


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Hey thanks walkingthedog, but it would be nice to be told that somewhere and whihc one is which - I am guessing the more "accurate" bogey is the spare as for the flanged wheels for the pony truck?

Manuals would be nice to help with this rather than relying on experts like you and the other great guys on here

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Like lots of other things, you are supposed to know already!  Tongue Out

Manuals are written by the people who built the thing, and they forget that ordinary folk ask questions that seem obvious to the builder! 

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