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SDCC Class 43 HST Lights


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I've just bought a new class 43 HST and having abit of trouble with the lights, I can't change the dummy car's lights from white to red. The powered car is ok. I would be grateful for any suggestions as I would like to run the train with the dummy car

at the end so would like a red light.
Is it to do with the direction of travel in relationship with the Select controller because I cannot change the direction either. How many white lights should there be - 3 or 4 on each car?


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Have you fitted a Decoder to the Dummy car aswell?

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Rog (RJ)

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If there is a decoder fitted put both the power car and the dummy car on the programming track (or main track if using the Select) then change the default direction so that the dummy cars lights are showing correctly, then remove only the dummy car from

the programming track and change the default direction of the powered car. Both sets of lights should now be showing correctly

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Rog(RJ) Thanks for that but your not clear on if I need a decoder in the dummy car. Having taken the body off the dummy car I would say I do need one.
I've been following the instructions in the Select operators manual on loco control & direction, page

12, and the LCD display is not changing to "FD" or "rd" it just stays on the loco address number. I've tried another loco, an 08 shunter, with the same results.
Does that say there is a problem with the controller???


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I've since bought a second chip and fitted it to the dummy power car and I've managed to get the lights working correctly, no idea how I've done it!! trial & error and luck I think! but I did start with the power car going the same direction

as the controller. I've not bothered with trying to change the direction since, but one 08 shunter goes the wrong way - I can live with that for now.
Sorry I can't be anymore help.
You would think Hornby would give more detailed instructions with the

class 43's

Sorry to resurface an old thread, but I too am having similar (but not identical) issues with a recently -acquired DCC sound HST set.

Both the power cars are fitted with a TTS sound decoder and speaker. The unpowered trailer car lights are working perfectly as expected - turning on with function 0 and changing direction.

However the tail lights in the powered car come on when it is placed on the track (irrespective of whether function 0 is on or off). When I turn function 0 'ON', these lights go off, however the trailer car lights (which are working correctly) come on. I can manage to get both ends to light at the same time by putting the trailer car on the track, switching on function 0 and then placing the power car on the track. The power car, however, will not switch from showing tail lamps to headlamps. There is the slightest of flickers from the headlamps and cab light when the direction switch is pushed, but nothing more.

I've read through as many of these related threads as possible and tried the following, but to no avail:

- Resetting both decoders to factory settings by setting CV8 to '8' as per the Hornby TTS instructions.

- Checked CV29 to ensure correct speed steps selected

- Changed reverse direction in CV29

All other functions and motor control are working fine, but I've run out of things to try to rectify this.


Any help appreciated!


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Sounds like a wiring fault in the powered car.


If under warranty I would send it back.


If not under warranty then I would be looking for solder bridging problems on the pcb that has the decoder socket or a misllaced wire to the lights.

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