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SCoronation Scot Coaches blue and silver and red and gold liveries


What about 2 sets of Coronation Scot coaches to go with the new highly detailed Duchess streamlined locos one set in Caledonian blue and silver and 1 set in red and Gold Livery preferably a new tooling.If not a new tooling would it be possible to use the highly detailed LMS coaches from a few years back with the sprung buffers and put the Coronation Scot liveries on those as I think the new locos deserve to have a highly detailed set of coaches to haul I tend to think rolling stock gets neglected when updating the locos hope this could be done anything apart from the railroad range which are totally inferior for these new locos


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Thats a good idea.  Even if Hornby did 5 initially would be good.  I would be tempted to buy a set.

From what I have read, the LMS did not paint the coaches Red with Gold stripes to match the locos. They used standard maroon Stanier coaches.  These Hornby already have in their catalogue.

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 Hi BR


The LMS did paint coaches in the maroon/gold stripes for use behind a similarly painted 'Duchess'. It was only one set and they were shipped to the US, along with Duchess of Hamilton, for a series of publicity runs. The plan was maroon/gold stripes coaches for the 1940 Coronation Scot.


The plan for the return of the train came to naught due to the intervention of a guy called Adolph Hitler! The loco was finally returned to the UK in 1943 although the coaches remained in the US untill the war ended

PP.......... The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you

I would also love "proper" red and gold coaches as well detailed as the new duchesses.  I would say the same for the silver jubilee A4's (but of course that would mean articualted sets, and so on). However the fact that Hornby have dusted off the old railroad coaches in blue silver red gold does not bode well.  I guess it's down to who they want to please and how many they expect to sell. 

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