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SCannot Connect DCC Controller

The Captain90

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Have had no trouble until today in getting my DCC controller to activate. When I start the Railmaster program it goes through the normal startup sequence but the DCC controller does not activate but no error massage is shown. The green controller light in the top right of the screen stays greyed out but the program asks if I wish to set points etc and the normal screen is shown but unfortunately the DCC controller remains inactive.

I have tried rebooting the computer, pulling out the USB cord and waiting 5 seconds but to no avail.

Can anyone please offer any suggestions as to what could be wrong.

Many thanks and Happy New Year.


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Hi Captain

Since you have been connecting successfully up to now it sounds like you have inadvertently changed something.

Have you checked that you are using the same USB port as before? This is an easy mistake to make.

The port numbers in Railmaster and windows device manager  must correspond.

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The Captain90

128 posts

Thanks for your prompt reply Norman. Nothing has changed and the USB port is the one always used. The PC I am using is solely used to run the railway.

Anyway, I left it for an hour or so and tried to reconnect and it did so straight away. To see if this was a one off I closed down and restarted a few times and each time it connected fine.

From past experience I have found RM to be very strange and fickle about the way it wants to do things.

Hopefully it continues to connect.


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I recently had a ‘fails to connect’ problem with grey icon, etc and it turned out it was the Elite USB comms gone duff. Once I swapped it out for another controller all was fine. Substitution can be an easy way of checking if a controller or cable is at fault, when all has been well previously. Easy if tou have spares lying around but not if you only have the one.


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I'd pick up on the substitution them by downloading a free  evaluation of the Bigbear train control software and configure that to work with your Elite etc. on the same com port with baud rate of 115200.  Then you can tell if it's the DCC controller or RailMaster that's not working without having 2 x DCC controllers

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