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SBeen busy.

Been busy this evening, hunted out the counter display case from the old family shop.  After a good dust removal it looks good. Looks tidy for something from 1975.


I can remember the latest models being displayed in it.  I put a Lima 4F and coach in it today, looks the part nicely.  Going to put it in my new home as a talking point.



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look good M. R. - should put a few shhep in there aswell or other wise the grass might get a bit out of hand!!! WinkLaughing

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel.

It's an idea but I want to keep it original as it is a reminder of the family past. I have a second rough example so might improve that one.

Garston Docks

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Looks nice. Don't forget those Jinty chimney screws I enquired about!


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Is that the HO Lima 4F in there................?


I don't recognise the coach but they look a good pair.......

It is the HO scale Lima 4F along with an HO scale Lima LMS coach.


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I have the black 4F somewhere, and although it will probably still run, it was 'abused' before I got it......


Maybe I'll did it out and see if I can make it respectable again......................

Rana Temporia

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Somewhere along the way I have acquired a couple of those HO locos and adapted one with a Peco coupling on the tender to run with my Playcraft HO stock.I also have a couple of the class 33 diesels awaiting the coupling change and maybe conversion to class 26. 

The weak point with these locos, as with the Lima Crab and King is maintaining electrical continuity through the tender coupling. The arrangement provides an intermittent supply at best and if the metal gets too oxidised there will be no power flowing at all. I have done a bodge on one by soldering a wire between loco and tender and this results in fairly good runnnig most of the time. 

A shame these weten’t made 00 but then again they wouldn’t stand up to today’s standards with centre wheels unconnected to the rods and fairly coarse body mouldings. The red LMS version looks nice but I think they were only ever in unlined blacK for the LMS and BR. Of interest is they also did an 0 gauge version of this loco which was later available as a battery powered engine, Tri-ang big-big train style. I think it was also available in a special zoo set with no tender at some point? 


The set was a bargain so snapped it up.  The Red/Crimson Lake LMS version was produced by Lima and is in original factory livery.

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