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Family Fun Project How To Build

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Welcome to How To Build Page 


The Hornby Family Fun Project has been created to make layout building as straightforward as possible. Creating a handy size model railway that can be easily stored under a bed or behind a wardrobe, the Family Fun Project guide will soon have you up and running.

By following these step-by-step instructions and videos you will be able to create a working and well-detailed model railway. Designed to be put together by everyone in the family, these instructions are simple but very effective.

Just remember to take your time as there’s no need to rush and soon you’ll be enjoying your very own model railway layout.

1. Getting started 


In section one we begin by planning where all the different components will be located. Deciding on the location of the track, buildings and scenery, outlines are drawn on the baseboard so the first elements of the Family Fun Project can be stuck down. Using PVA glue, the first part is the ballast that’s placed under the track, all of which is detailed in this video guide.

2. Laying The Track


Once the ballast has dried, the track is placed on top. With Hornby Track Pins carefully placed and hammered down, care should be taken to avoid damaging any part of your track or the baseboard. Find out exactly how to do this with our video guide for section two.


3. Adding Scenic Materials to Your Family Fun Layout


In this next section, we begin by painting both the roadways and paths that can be found on your layout. More scenery can then be added with PVA glue as the two types of grass included in the Family Fun Project can be used to achieve a realistic grass effect. There are also some extra tips to help you really bring your layout to life!

4. Placing the Buildings & People Adding the Trees & Foliage


With most of the grass now glued down, it is time for the buildings, trees, foliage and people. These extra details really add to a layout and should be fixed carefully to ensure your layout looks as effective as possible. Watch our video guide for all the details.

5. Fitting The Fence


It’s back to the track in section five as we show you how to fit the fencing that’s included with the Family Fun Project. Hornby Track is specially designed to accept this fencing and it can be used, much like the other scenery, to be a hugely effective part of your layout.

6. Operating Your Layout


With your layout almost complete, the last step is to get to grips with the controller included. Learn how to accurately control your train in the last part of our Family Fun Project video guide.



As you become more familiar with your layout you may want to add more houses, shops, fields and scenery. You’ll notice you have space to grow and we would encourage you to keep adding to this new world you’ve created.

To add track you will have to lift several pieces of track, however, if you have followed our guide this shouldn’t be a problem (using snub nosed pliers).

Also, do keep in mind that two additional Family Fun Project Extension Packs (R1266 and R1267) have been made available and they can be used to extend your layout with the addition of extra sidings as well as buildings, locomotives and extra rolling stock.

We hope you have enjoyed building the Family Fun Project and wish you all the best with your new model railway layout!

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