eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack

eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack


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eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack


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Using just the power of a PC to control a model railway has taken a giant leap forward this year with the introduction of the unique Hornby DCC 'eLink' interface unit.

Working with the amazing 'RailMaster' software and for unleashing the full power of PC control the Hornby ‘eLink’ is placed in between the PC and the layout.

Once connected all control of the layout is passed to the PC or laptop.  It really is that simple!

The 'eLink' is capable of controlling a staggering 9999 locomotives as well as in excess of 2000 points and electrical accessories, when connected to the relevant number of R8247 Point & Accessory Decoders. providing the power is available. There has never been anything like this before and it is so simple to use!

The 'eLink' Control Pack contains the amazing 'RailMaster' software, the 'eLink' interface unit and a 1 amp transformer.  Once 'RailMaster' is loaded into the computer and with the ‘eLink’ connected in between the layout and the computer, the full force of Hornby DCC is ready to take control.

All the locomotive and accessory programming can be completed on a conventional Programming Track using 'RailMaster’ working in conjunction with the PC, while all other operations can be effected while the locomotives are on the layout.

The 'eLink' unit may be placed on or near the layout although there are fixings so that the unit can be concealed if desired.

Special features include...

With 'eLink' and a 'RailMaster' installed onto a PC or laptop the following benefits over DCC are only a click away:

  • Visual control of all locomotives. No need to remember loco numbers as they are all there on the PC screen.
  • USB link for connection to PC / Laptop. Can also be used to download software upgrades.
  • Change points with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Read and write locomotive and accessory decoder CVs. (Configuration Variables).
  • Active matrix style track layout for easy operation of points and accessories.
  • Simple double heading locomotive control.
  • Voice controlled enabled. (Available 3rd quarter)
  • Scale clock and timer.
  • Compatible for use with ‘O’, ‘HO, ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge.
  • Smart phone compliant. Allows up to 8 Smart Phones or Tablets to be connected to your computer for remote control of the layout...and much, much more!

Please Note:

  • Internet activation required to access all RailMaster features
  • RailMaster is available as a stand alone product, for use with the Hornby Elite unit.
  • For help installing the Elite and eLink driver please click here.
  • For a replacement power supply please see the P9300 15V 4Amp Transformer


This item will be supplied with a UK transformer

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sssss 5
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I obtained Railmaster and E-Link included with the "Majestic" train set as it was the only affordable way for me to get into DCC.
Having used it for quite some time now I am very impressed with the versatility of the Railmaster software in general plus the voice control capabilities of the upgraded version and the optional ability to use one's existing mobile phone as a walkabout controller is an added bonus. Every other system requires you to buy extra hand-held controllers so being able to use a phone or tablet is a huge convenience and cost saving too.
I have it running on an old laptop (originally a Vista machine but now Win 10) and it has never crashed or given me a problem through all the operating system upgrades.
It also has the added safety that unauthorised children can't access any controller and crank everything up to warp speed.
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sssss 5
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Great Product

Hornby seem to have resolved the compatibility issues. I have three systems, all installed on Win 10 systems using eLink (2 pc and 1 laptop) and activated without issue. Two were activated without interfering with Kaspersky settings. The eLink gives the personal choice of a suitable display and is very comprehensive in its control functions. Some reviews have commented on the amount of prior knowledge required but is really as straight forward as any other DCC system. Tremendous value for money compared to others and can be compatible with many other makes of accessories..

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sssss 4
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I love Railmaster

Before I bought Railmaster, I was using a much more costly controller which suffered some accidental damage. I could not afford to replace it so looked round for something less expensive and decided to try Railmaster. It is now running on an old Windows XP machine which had been relegated to the attic and I'm delighted with it.... All the functions I want at the touch of a mouse button. It even controls two remote miniature speakers in the church and station to provide wedding bells, clock chimes , custom station announcements etc. It's a give-away at the price. It's the best value model rail item I've ever bought.

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