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Centenary Year
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So ran the copy of the advertising sheet that announced in 1963 Tri-ang Railways ‘Rocket’. The original model was sold without coaches but in 1964 a coach was added but later in 1968 a further two coaches were included with the locomotive, a format which remained until the following year.1982 saw the reintroduction of Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ presented as a limited edition in a brown, gold and sepia 5th face pack which this time was branded Hornby Railways.

This model like the previous one was manufactured at Hornby’s Margate factory but so difficult was the assembly that a special team of factory workers were put together who had been involved with the original build in 1963.This latest model from Hornby employs the very finest of design, tooling and assembly technology with the result that the model is as true a scale model of Stephenson’s masterpiece that is currently possible.

This 1500 piece limited edition of Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ and three 1st Class coaches,being ‘Times’, ‘Despatch’ and ‘Experience’ forms part of the Hornby Trains Centenary Year group of products and celebrates by using the 1960s packaging style of that decade.


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