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Centenary Year

In late 1957 the first of the Dinky Dublo diecast models were released Along with the models release was an advertising campaign  advising that the new range of vehicles, produced in ‘00’ scale, would be excellent models to collect or play with while at the same time the advert promoted that the new range of vehicles were suitable to adorn a model railway layout.

Even though the life of the Dinky Dublo series of models was relatively short, nonetheless it can be argued that the Development and Marketing teams associated with the Hornby Dublo brand of the 1950s were decades ahead of their time when comparisons are made to the large number of accurately scaled models available to the current railway modeller of today. As a tribute to the first ‘Dublo’ scale models of that period and as part of the Hornby Centenary Collection a new range of carefully selected limited edition vehicles have been specially commissioned, reflecting the character of ‘Dublo’ diecast models of the 1950s.

The six models chosen incorporate where possible thespirit of the 1950s and include vehicles similar to those of the original ‘Dublo’ range, together with one fitting model calling out the various holiday destinations around Margate, the seaside town where Hornby now resides.

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