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Queries on R3037XS Class 08 Shunter D3963

Having bought new 2 locos with sound for my new DCC layout the forum kindly helped me with my Black 5 which was solved finally by having it replaced. My other loco Class 08 runs ok but I've a couple of queries on it.

1) On the sound instruction

sheet under 2.1 function assignments, all the sounds work fine but I've just seen under F0 it says directional headlights. I presume this means that using this function lights come on in the direction the loco is travelling? Nothing lights up on mine at all.


On the other instruction sheet enclosed with the loco on the centre pages under item 2 accessories, there's a drawing of bits and pieces to be attached to the end of the shunter. There was definitely nothing in the pack besides the loco...so I'm presuming

there should have been.....?

Both the instruction sheets I'm talking about are on the Hornby site to view.

Anyone got a R3037XS and got any help or comment on this before I ring the supplier ( the same one as supplied my Black 5!) to raise these

two queries?


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No lights on mine, either. I don't recall if there was an accessory pack.

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Hi I have this loco and it has never had lights only sound.If you look on you tube none have lights on this particular loco just sound

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I have R2903XS late BR crest Class 08 D3105. Its Operating Manual does not show function 0 as doing anything, but there is a small accessories pack included.

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Function 0 is usually lighting on most decoders sound or not, the loco doesn't have lights though, so no lights are installed. The accesory pack sounds like it is missing, a case of return to the retailer me thinks for an accessory pack.

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The small accessories pack is usually in the styrene pack in a poly bag at the top where the Hornby logo is.


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Thanks everyone, I couldn't see any lights but it must be an error on the sound instruction sheet which can be viewed on this site under Downloads as under F0 it says "directional lighting" as I mentioned in my post. AS you all confirm there is no lighting

I'm happy I'm not missing anything!! The Black 5 I have with sound says F0 is "non applicable" which is of course correct and the shunter should really have said that too.

I noticed the Black 5 with sound bought at the same time had an accessory pack

( and the shunter definitely didn't...shall have a word with the Liverpool supplier who was very helpful on the Black 5 I had replaced. Hopefully they have another shunter in stock and will open that up and send me the accessory pack.


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Have you searched inside the box thoroughly? Sometimes accessories are well hidden.

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Phoned Liverpool supplier and the accessories are in a recessed space in the polystyrene at top of the box as described by koo9. Mine was definitely empty...supplier went away to check stock, phoned me back and popping a pack in the post. Excellent customer



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Pleased you got a good result at the end.


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