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The son of Triangman

Deepest Darkest Norfolk Coast
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12 Apr 2011

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Seller of new and old Hornb and Tri-ang model railways yand restorer of model railway items.


Tri-ang Rocks!

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  • The son of Triangman (3311 posts), 1 day ago

    One thing to consider is adding weight to a loco puts extra strain in the models motor thus shortening the motor's life. Todays locos generally have disposable cheapo can motors with a limited life so adding extra weight will reduce the time the motor will run essentially.

  • The son of Triangman (3311 posts), 2 days ago

    As a retailer I'm quite happy with the railroad range, it sells well, the little non-prototypical liveried 0-4-0's are very sought after in particular, we usually carry 50 in our stock and sell about 29 a month on average. Most of the range sells well except Flyin Scotsman for some reason, market saturation perhaps. Our customers love the product and they are of good build quality, the price is right for the market place as well. For Hornby Railroad must be win win win.

  • The son of Triangman (3311 posts), 2 days ago

    Today's modern locos are generally less powerful than their older relatives due to smaller often disposable motors so are less able to cope with large trains and/on gradients.

  • The son of Triangman (3311 posts), 2 days ago

    Usual slipping problems on model layouts are caused by the follwing

    1) Loco underpowered for siz of train.
    2) Gradient too steep
    3) Traction Tyres if fitted slipping
    4 Dirty Wheels
    5) Dirty or greasy rail
    6) rolling stock wheels dirty or sticking

    Less common causes
    1) Loco chassis not square (common fault on Lima steam locos due to plastic distortion)
    2) Bent/distorted axle
    3) slipping wheels on axle
    4) slipping motor gearing

  • The son of Triangman (3311 posts), 2 days ago

    The computer industry is a classic example, the magazines push the lastest kit and software and people fall over the "software" cliff like leemings just to say they are the first to own the item. You only have to see the operating system launch events, loads of leemings buying the latest system to be the first, it's usually full of bugs and at an extornate price, rather than wait for the price to drop and the bugs to be found and fixed.

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