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The son of Triangman

Deepest Darkest Norfolk Coast
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12 Apr 2011

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Seller of new and old Hornb and Tri-ang model railways yand restorer of model railway items.


Tri-ang Rocks!

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  • The son of Triangman (3338 posts), 3 hours ago

    I went back to the old Tri-ang track cleaning cars and I'm glad I did, they do the job very well.

  • The son of Triangman (3338 posts), 3 hours ago

    I agree RAF96, they do that sadly, had the same experience with a demo one we had, it used to change the points with the wheel cleaner disc, so not an isolated problem, the Hornby track cleaning coach is also renowed for derailing as well when worked in front of the loco.

  • The son of Triangman (3338 posts), 3 hours ago

    Looks like we have two IT guys on this thread, I was in a former life an IT director for many years and indeed started my career in IT and working in the family shop of course at weekends, Touch screens are ok but some aren't that precise, others suffer from a delay, some makes and models can be quite sensitive, fine for an every day application and epos but not much cop for anything precise. Choose very carefully is my advice, try them out in a shop before making a decision. TI agree that the makes mentioned by AugustusCaesar usually make very good touch screens that will do the job nicely.

  • The son of Triangman (3338 posts), 3 hours ago

    You don't make much on the 0-4-0's to be honest, there's between £5-£10 margin on a new one if selling at rrp but the whole range is like that, most lucrative item with best margin in the range is suprisingly skaledale.. Large locos make around £5-£10 if discounting to compete with the big box shifting outfits. We sell a lot of skaledale needless to say.

  • The son of Triangman (3338 posts), 17 hours ago

    The little Hornby R.296 track cleaning coach with the two tiny abrasive pads underneath is little more than decoration and known for derailing on pointwork. Sorry Hornby but it isn't much cop as a track cleaner.

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