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Elite Firmware Update

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The latest update for the Hornby Elite is now available to download.  Please begin by downloading the Hornby Elite Firmware Update & Driver instructions V1.41.

 How To Install The Elite  Firmware Update  Driver

How To Install The Elite Driver   Railmaster

The Hornby Elite Firmware update files can be downloaded below.  Contents are as follows:

  • 8964-Elite-Manual-pages-WEB.pdf - The Hornby Elite v1.41 full manual pdf for download
  • Device Manager XP and NT - Shortcut to Windows Device Manager.. used in the update procedure
  • ELITE V1_41 UPDATER.exe - The actual update executable file
  • How to update the ELITE-141 - W7.pdf - Full update instructions for Windows 7
  • How to update the ELITE-141 - WXP.pdf - Full update instructions for Windows XP
  • R8214 Elite 95 NT XP Driver.inf - Drivers for Windows versions 95, 98, NT and XP
  • R8214 Elite Vista W7 Driver.inf - Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7

 Download the Elite Firmware Update and Manuals




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