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Decoder Installation Guides

Think fitting DCC Decoders is difficult? Follow our step by step guides to see just how easy fitting a chip can be!

The following guides are to aid you in the installation of DCC decoder chips in to specific locos from the Hornby range.

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Steam & Diesel Locomotives

0-6-0 Terrier Class Locomotive Decoder Installation Standard 0-4-0 Decoder Installation Guide
Tender Drive Flying Scotsman Decoder Installation R8249 Eurostar Decoder Installation
R2298A Virgin HST Decoder Installation R2441 Flying Scotsman Decoder Installation
R2474 BR Class 50 Decoder Installation R2506 BR (late) 0-4-4T Class M7 Decoder Installation
R2611 Class 142 Railbus Pacer R2632 Patriot Class Decoder Installation
R2675 RailRoad Flying Scotsman Decoder Installation R782 0-4-0 Smokey Joe Decoder Installation



Thomas & Friends

R351 Thomas the Tank Engine (0-6-0) Decoder Installation R9097 'D7101' Decoder Installation
R9070 'Oliver' Decoder Installation
R852 'James' Decoder Installation
R9046 Toby the Tram Decoder Installation
R9064 'Diesel' Decoder Installation



Decoder Wiring Diagram

Basic Decoder Fitting Guide

  1. Remove the plug from the chip.
  2. Locate the wires from the pick ups and remove from motor.
  3. Solder Black & Red wires from chip, one to each pick up wire.
  4. Solder Grey & Orange wires to the motor contacts. There should be no other connections from the pick ups to the motor and any bare wires need to be isolated to prevent short circuits. If the locomotive has lights, follow the colour diagram shown.
  5. Locate a suitable decoder position.
  6. Make sure all excess wires are bundled up so not to interfere with wheels, gears & valve gears.
  7. Test and programme loco to unit.

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