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2013 anybody?

  • LC&DR (3539 posts) , 825 days ago 19:33 13 January 2012

    Now the 2012 catalogue is out, what would we like Hornby to be looking to do NEXT year?

    Let me have the first throw with a short list.

    BR 8P 4-6-2 Duke of Gloucester,
    BR(S) 8P 4-6-2 Merchant Navy third batch in original condition and in early BR blue,
    SECR 'H' 0-4-4T
    SR 'L1' 4-4-0
    SR 'U' 2-6-0
    LB&SCR 'E4' 0-6-2T
    BR Bo-Bo electric E5000 (class 71)
    Pullman class 'U' 1951 Golden Arrow cars
    CWIL Night Ferry sleepers
    SNCF Fourgon for Night Ferry
    SECR Birdcage Trio Set
    Bulleid 4Sub / 4EPB multiple unit
    Peak Roof Italian Ferry Van
    Conflat A with A type container
    Bowaters 4w China Clay tank
    Sentinel 4W industrial diesel shunter
    Hawthorn Leslie 16" 0-4-0ST
    Metropolitan / LTPB MV 1200 hp Bo-Bo
    Metropolitan / LTPB Dreadnaught Carriages
    LTPB Metadyne O/P surface stock

  • Postman Prat (3669 posts) , 825 days ago 20:14 13 January 2012

    Well, you might call it a short list..... If you get half of them there'll still be nothing for anyone else!!!

    If you get your Merchant it'll be for sheer persistance!

    The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you !


  • LC&DR (3539 posts) , 824 days ago 11:19 14 January 2012

    PP I hope for all of it and expect none of it! In fact if I DO get it all next year I will go bankrupt!!

  • Andy of Derby (9 posts) , 824 days ago 12:15 14 January 2012

    Can't believe we are already turning out attentions towards about wishing your life away. I'll be amazed if "Duke of Gloucester" is ever released as it is such a one off.
    Personally I would like to see a GCR "Director" class as a new tooling especially now as the 04 has been released by another company.

  • Anything Western (30 posts) , 824 days ago 13:04 14 January 2012

    Being a pesimistic the 1st quarter of 2013
    Class 42/52/72XX locomotives running late
    Thompson Suburban stock

  • Postman Prat (3669 posts) , 824 days ago 14:37 14 January 2012

    LC&DR has to do this sort of thing. He's not wishing his life away, he's just sooooo old if it doesn't come along soon he won't see it!!!

    The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you !


  • mortehoe (1403 posts) , 824 days ago 15:17 14 January 2012

    I've got the hump now !!!! LC&DR but up a good list, I have read it backwards, and even stood on my head, he left out 4-Cor. I'm off to get my pitch fork and a few burning torches, and have a demonstration outside his house. Mumble, moan, growl, etc blah, blah, more etc.

  • Postman Prat (3669 posts) , 824 days ago 15:34 14 January 2012

    I thought you'd be on.

    Back on about the 4-Cor. Just to please you - cor,cor,cor,cor.

    Happy now!?!?!?

    The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you !


  • locoyard (20 posts) , 824 days ago 17:00 14 January 2012

    A USA dock tank would be nice, as would a Brighton Atlantic please!

  • walkingthedog (7354 posts) , 824 days ago 17:16 14 January 2012

    Why worry about 2013. Let's at least get half way through this year first. There's bound to be a few suprises for this year, don't keep rushing things.


    Nurse, the screens.

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