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Mixed Freight running problems

  • Fishmanoz (3887 posts) , 430 days ago 21:10 11 February 2013

    I'm not aware of any recent releases of Select firmware upgrades, only Elite. You can tell what the firmware status is when you first turn the unit on. Your instructions will probably tell you these numbers are either 10 or 11 followed by 30. In fact, you'll probably find that first number, which is the firmware version, is at least 12, meaning v1.2. Whatever number you find, you can check with Hornby Customer Care if it is the latest and, if not, you can return it for them to do the upgrade.
    All that said, the problem is unlikely to be the Select, rather dirt as previously mentioned, so check the track and the loco wheels and pickups again.
    I have had my mixed freight 08 behave as you describe and it developed a faulty decoder that wouldn't run in reverse. I haven't tried it since replacement under warranty to see if the low speed running has improved. But both your locos going bad at the same time mean it is less likely to be a decoder fault.

    and thanks for all the fish

  • blavet (4 posts) , 430 days ago 21:35 11 February 2013

    Mike Carrie..

  • blavet (4 posts) , 430 days ago 21:47 11 February 2013

    Many thanks for yer posting. You are quite right, my first number displayed is 12 denoting version 1.2. as you say Like yourself, at 70, I am new to rail modelling.(I checked your profile) I live in France (see my profile) I would appreciate a chance to talk to you by phone. Please e-mail me on :- with yer phone no. and I will call you. My no. is 0033 297 272 241 if you want to call me. I could, maybe, need some advice about track cleaning. Hornby Customer Care sugested it might be the controller and I was about to post it back to them tomorrow !! Both locos don't always go bad at the same time.
    Sometimes one or the other and only at slow speeds.
    Regards.. Blavet

    Mike Carrie..

  • JClarke (2 posts) , 412 days ago 14:37 01 March 2013

    Many thanks to everyone who has replied and sorry for not getting back. For what it's worth...

    It does seem to be a cleanliness issue as many have suggested. There is no particular part of the track that seems to be worse than any other so it must be the loco itself I think. A couple of observations:

    1. I am astonished at how quickly it gets dirty. This is what threw me as the set was almost new and I had cleaned it quite thoroughly more than once so I had discounted this being a problem. But now I know what I am looking for I can see the black build up on the wheels.

    2. It doesn't happen to the other loco! I find this baffling. The steam loco runs fine and needs no attention. The chassis looks the same (?), it runs on exactly the same track and gets very similar use.

    3. The wheels are quite difficult to get really clean. Thanks for the suggestion of a cleaner. It had occurred to me to get the body off so I could get to them more easily but I lost my nerve (even after following the instructions carefully) as it seemed to require such force that I was afraid of cracking the body.

    But I have managed to achieve an improvement even if the result is not what I would have expected before we got the set.

  • magfan (274 posts) , 412 days ago 19:25 01 March 2013

    the 0-6-0 chassis are the same,
    a small screwdriver in the loco will pop the body off,three screws under the loco will give you chance to get to the pick ups
    i wish i already knew

  • Fishmanoz (3887 posts) , 412 days ago 22:01 01 March 2013

    Wild r very interested to hear if this works although it sounds unlikely. What firmware version is your Select? It is the first number that comes up when you turn it on. If it says 12 then that is version 1.2 and I believe this is the latest?
    And this is certainly not the issue for me. Mine run the same with the Elite. The most likely problems are track, wheels and pickups being dirty. See magfan's above which is good advice.

    and thanks for all the fish

  • Fishmanoz (3887 posts) , 412 days ago 22:05 01 March 2013

    Wild r? I was trying to type Would be. And I was replying to Select firmware update on previous page, forgetting there were more posts on this page. And yes, it takes a fair bit of force to get the body off.

    and thanks for all the fish

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