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fitting decoder

  • joseph37 (8 posts) , 687 days ago 23:01 30 May 2012

    yes yojic sheet 69 is right

  • Yojic (8 posts) , 686 days ago 23:36 30 May 2012


    Then this is the old x04 motor dating back to 1968. The X337 is the complete power bogie.
    Steps to hard wire a decoder. I advise to use a decoder with 1amp continuous and 2 amp stall.

    Chaps please advise if incorrect, not 100% sure on this one

    First step Know the decoder wires and where they go. Important ones with asterix

    1 Orange wire Motor Right *
    2 Yellow wire Rear Headlight
    3 Green Function 1
    4 Black Left Rail *
    5 Gray Motor Left *
    6 White Front Headlight
    7 Blue Common (V+)
    8 Red Right Rail *
    9 Purple function 2

    Remove the capasitor S5230
    1/ X665 Brush spring. These need to be insulated both sides
    2/ solder orange wire to right hand X67 Brush at top
    3/ Solder grey wire to left hand X67 Brush at top
    3/ Solder red wire to right hand S3283 collector (make sure the collector is isolated from center at top)
    4/ Solder black wire to left hand S3283 collector (again make sure it is isolated from center top)

    Be careful of S3374 top housing contact washer that it does not touch the collectors either side.
    Hopefully test should be OK..........

  • Fishmanoz (3887 posts) , 686 days ago 01:15 31 May 2012

    Joseph, I think Yojic has it spot on, everything he says is correct I think. If I can just add/emphasise a couple of points for you:

    - the only decoder wires you need are the red and black, which go to the collectors one each side, and the orange and grey which go to the brushes, one each side. Cut the rest off and insulate the ends.
    - cannot use the R8249 standard Hornby decoder as it doesn't have enough power. If you use Hornby, it must be the Sapphire but there are other options around which are cheaper but must be 1 amp/2 amp as Yojic says
    - you will find the brush spring is only insulated on 1 side and you must insulate both sides and solder the orange wire to the right brush and grey to the left
    - essential the collectors are electrically isolated as Yojic says

    To do this mod, you will have to know how to use a soldering iron and a multimeter or contunuity tester (to ensure everything is isolated as per instructions). If you aren't familar, take it to a model shop that has a decoder fitting service to do it for you.

    and thanks for all the fish

  • Yojic (8 posts) , 686 days ago 08:44 31 May 2012


    Photos on other Web thread as cannot attach here.

  • The son of Triangman (3291 posts) , 686 days ago 11:56 31 May 2012

    For those fitting Tri-ang motors I issued on the forum a very useful guide, it is for the x.04 instead of the motor you have but a fair bit will apply to your fitting.

    You will need to trawl the DCC section for the link.

    Tri-ang Rocks!

  • joseph37 (8 posts) , 684 days ago 16:58 02 June 2012

  • joseph37 (8 posts) , 684 days ago 17:04 02 June 2012

    thank you yojic i thought x337 was the motor not the complete bogie ... istill cannot find any videos on fitting decoder ...once again thankyou joseph. ps. thanks for info on x04 motor

  • davew111 (2 posts) , 466 days ago 12:00 06 January 2013

    please help newcomer, can a dcc decoder be fitted to the loco supplied with the london 2012 train set . I am an electronics engineer so reply as technical as need be.

  • rigrun (29 posts) , 466 days ago 13:24 06 January 2013

    If you follow this link, you may find an installation guide for a similar type of motor to the one used in the London 2012 train set

  • rigrun (29 posts) , 466 days ago 13:25 06 January 2013

    Sorry hit the post button by mistake, here is the link

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