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Loco cv settings

  • SailorSam (33 posts) , 827 days ago 10:51 13 January 2012

    Hi All
    On A UK website there are several pages for the setting up of decoders for various makes of locos, for steam, diesel and electric. There is a page for Hornby locos but the decoders quoted are TCS and 1 or 2 others. Does anyone here know where there are decoders settings for Hornby decoders when fitted to Hornby locos. Railmaster can set the decoder settings for you if you have the list of settings (loco profile) to enter. I would like to setup my Merchant Navy to realistic settings but i have no idea what the settings should be for it, or any other loco i have. Maybe there could be a page on here for people to post information like that so anyone who's not that savvy with writing to cv's on their Elite could get the settings and use Railmaster to do it. It would save a lot of button pushing.

    Cheers Pete

  • stevecamden (599 posts) , 826 days ago 16:30 14 January 2012

    Have you looked here?

    The sound decoders are on the downloads page.

  • pidder (178 posts) , 826 days ago 17:49 14 January 2012

    What I think is being sought is recommended CV numbers for various settings. I should be interested in recommended settings for XO3/4 motors..

  • SailorSam (33 posts) , 825 days ago 23:09 14 January 2012

    I don't have sound in my locos yet, except one diesel and the sound gets lost round the layout, drowned out by the nice running metal wheelsets on the wagons etc. I'm looking for decoder settings for Hornby decoders that i have fitted to Hornby locos.


  • Hornby Customer Care (111 posts) , 820 days ago 12:26 20 January 2012

    The R8249 4 function decoder replaces the earlier R8215 4 function decoder. Dimensions: 17mm x 10mm x 3.5mm.The R8249 decoder is similar to the R8215 in that it has the same hardware design. The major change is in firmware. The decoder has enhanced functionality over its predecessor. The decoder can be identified by the blue dot painted on its MCU. The R8249 decoder is NMRA warranted.

    The R8249 supports the following CVs:
    • CV1 - Loco Address Default is 3 Long/short addressing supported
    • CV3 – Acceleration Default is 5 Range 0-255
    • CV4 – Deceleration Default is 5 Range 0-255
    • CV7 - Version Number
    • CV8 - Manufacturer’s ID = 48 (writing the value 8 to this CV resets decoder to default.)
    • CV10 - Back EMF response. Range 1-128 that indicates the speed step above which back EMF control cuts off. Default is 128.
    • CV17/18 - Used for setting up long address.
    • CV29 - Default Decadic value = “6” (bit7 is ignored.) Note: this may show as “134” on some controllers due to reading bit 7 which is set to ‘on’ in the factory.

    The following bits are supported:
    • Bit0 - Default Direction (default is 0 - normal)
    • Bit1 - Location of F0 Headlight/Rear light direction Control bit (default is 1 - which corresponds to 128 speed steps operation.)
    • Bit2 - DC/DCC mode disable enable (default is 1 - power conversion on)
    • Bit5 - Long/Short Address set up. (one or two byte address modes (default is 0 - decoder address 03)
    • Bit6 - (fixed default is 0) not used
    • Bit7 - (fixed default is 1) not used
    Full interrogation is supported - Direct, Paged, Register and Operate programming modes.

    Current Capability
    • Motor Output - 500mA Continuous, 1A peak for very short durations.
    • Function Outputs - 100mA each x4

    Please note: the total current capability of the decoder is 500mA continuous shared between all outputs. Also when the R8249 became available it took over from the older R8215 decoders. Hornby DCC fitted locos now have this decoder in 4 pin inline connector configuration. The decoder will also be used in Pendolino type locos i.e. those locos fitted with two decoders - one in the “dummy” car in order to control the lights.

    - Hornby Customer Care

    You can contact our Customer Service team via our Helpline 01843 233525 (+44 1843 233525 from outside the UK).

  • Hornby Customer Care (111 posts) , 820 days ago 12:31 20 January 2012

    if you are inquiring about Hornby Sound Locos then please see the LokSound information, which can be found here:

    Please make sure you select the correct manual as there are two versions of the LokSound Decoder V3.5 and V4.0. This information can be found in the Hornby Sound Leaflet under the introduction section.

    - Hornby Customer Care

    You can contact our Customer Service team via our Helpline 01843 233525 (+44 1843 233525 from outside the UK).

  • GrahamWass (11 posts) , 818 days ago 16:20 22 January 2012

    Why is there no Maximum speed setting. I would have thought this vital

  • GrahamWass (11 posts) , 817 days ago 07:26 23 January 2012

    Why is there no Maximum speed setting. I would have thought this vital

  • Gregd99 (960 posts) , 817 days ago 14:30 23 January 2012

    for max speed control you need to go to the sapphire.

    personally I control the max speed manually after doing some tests on scale speeds. typically this is around 50% of full throttle.


  • petershrop (4 posts) , 814 days ago 15:15 26 January 2012

    I have just bought a select controller and R8249 decoders to be manually installed.
    1. What recommendations do people have for CV values other than the default values specified above.

    2. In the R8249 description it states "Selectable for operation with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps". Is this the same as back emf CV10 and what are recommended values.:
    What effect will changing this have?


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