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Please help with valuation and sale

  • Denko (1 posts) , 755 days ago 22:32 29 March 2012

    Hi all - I'm new here and looking to get my train set reliably valued and sold. It was bought for me 35 years ago and still resides in my parents loft, in it's original boxes. The set in total cost £200 back then and I'm now looking to get a reliable valuation for it and sell it on. It has 10-12 engines, all in original condition, at least 40 yards of track in one yard lengths, plus further track in shorter lengths. Many model kits, still in their original form, scenery, coaches, wagons - again all in boxes. There is a motorized turntable, many switching motors, stations, platforms etc. I will be undertaking a full inventory, but could someone please direct me somewhere where it can valued honestly so I can look to sell it, ideally as a set. Many thanks

  • bulleidboy (1778 posts) , 754 days ago 16:10 30 March 2012

    Hi Denko

    Have you tried comparing what you have with similar items on ebay? I am not suggesting you sell on ebay, but it might give you some ideas as to value, or at least what people are prepared to pay - ebay has its good and bad side. Also there is a book available from WH Smiths which gives values of locos, carriages etc.. There are also a number of auction houses, which specialise in model railway items. If you are looking for top prices, all the items will have to be in pristine condition, with boxes in a similar condition. Hope this is of some help.

    The older I get.... the bigger it was!

  • DMU mad (148 posts) , 753 days ago 18:23 31 March 2012

    Also, you could ask around at local model shows. there are lots around, just use google or something to find your nearest one.

  • The son of Triangman (3334 posts) , 752 days ago 07:05 01 April 2012

    If someone posts my website link up I can value the items free of charge for you and give you some idea of their current market value, including what you will get if selling to trade. Always willing to help.

    Tri-ang Rocks!

  • The son of Triangman (3334 posts) , 752 days ago 07:07 01 April 2012

    A good start is having the boxes, you will need to list condition of the boxes as this affects value to the collector and general marketplace, condition of each model, working or non working, does a model have it's instructions, crew in it's packet etc, A lot of info is required to do a proper valuation and pictures are good too to show the models condition.

    Tri-ang Rocks!

  • The son of Triangman (3334 posts) , 752 days ago 07:17 01 April 2012

    Your best bet for selling is to sell privately through the small ads in the model magazines. Know what you want to ask from the values given at the valuation Be prepared to have all sorts enquire to your advert from model clubs to enthusiasts to ebayers, som will want the items for nothing, others will be times wasters, others will be dodgy dealers, but in that lot will be genuine buyers prepared to pay the price.

    You could go the online auction route however there are no guarantees you will get what you are asking, some days things will make their value other times they will make peanuts, you may find if you start a loco at 99p it may sell fo that and nowdays if you put a reserve on it puts off bidders who always want items dirt cheap which is the majority buying on these auctions. Yuo will also have sellers commission fees to pay and the online auction house will also take a cut of the sale.

    You could sell to a good shop trader or a good toy fair dealer but be prepared to take around half the retail valuation, condition will be everything when selling whichever route you eventually choose. Hope my advice is helpful.

    Tri-ang Rocks!

  • The son of Triangman (3334 posts) , 752 days ago 07:22 01 April 2012

    A dodge to watch out for when selling privately is the old "I've only come out with X amount of cash can we do a deal", usually this is a ploy to get you to take the cash on offer and the buyer will pull out a wad of cash to wave under your nose, don't fall for this old ploy if you sell privately, they usually have more cash on them and if you stick hard on your price they will either give in or will buy closer to your price.

    Tri-ang Rocks!

  • Amandfry (1 posts) , 261 days ago 18:50 05 August 2013

    Hi sorry but wondered if the offer for valuation was still valid? If so can you send me your email please

  • walkingthedog (7380 posts) , 255 days ago 09:55 11 August 2013

    We are not allowed to post our emails on here Amandfry.


    Nurse, the screens.

  • walkingthedog (7380 posts) , 255 days ago 09:56 11 August 2013

    Google norfolk coast models.


    Nurse, the screens.

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