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Fitting NEM Pockets to Hornby Dublo Locomotives and Rolling Stock

  • 5735guy (237 posts) , 591 days ago 09:42 09 September 2012

    Is it possible to fit NEM Pockets to Hornby Dublo/Wrenn Locomotives and Rolling Stock.

    Seeking Transparency

  • LC&DR (3561 posts) , 590 days ago 19:32 10 September 2012

    Very difficult to well nigh impossible I'd say.

  • 81F (1497 posts) , 590 days ago 23:00 10 September 2012

    How much of your wagons do you want left!

    For the plastic Hornby Doubleo or Wrenn 4 wheel wagons I've fitted D@pol wagon chassis (available as spares) to the GW mica and Saxa Salt. These are a direct fit as the company produces some of the original wrenn/HD wagon bodiies) and will only require a hole drilling in the middle of the chassis to accept the large body screw. The chassis comes complete with wheels and couplings as well as sockets. all you will have to do is add a weight since the chassis is plastic.

    However, I'm not sure if they do the Fruit D or Southern CCT chassis separately

    Modelling the GWR in the Welsh Borders, and the Glyn Valley Tramway with quite a few bits from elsewhere!

  • 81F (1497 posts) , 590 days ago 23:02 10 September 2012

    PS should also add the grano, cattle wagon chasis are also available

    Modelling the GWR in the Welsh Borders, and the Glyn Valley Tramway with quite a few bits from elsewhere!

  • the ferret (717 posts) , 590 days ago 23:05 10 September 2012

    The new Maunsell coaches appear to use tension lock couplings with a "swallow tail". If I am right then won't the #20 Kadee coupling be interchangeable with the Hornby tensaion locks? These Kadee couplings have the same "Swallow tail".

  • olly (83 posts) , 589 days ago 10:37 11 September 2012

    how about Using a converter wagon. hornby made these years ago when triang took over Hornby Dublo
    you might find one on a popular auction site. I picked one up in a job lot didn't realise what it was at 1st. wrenn used hornby couplings anyway .

  • olly (83 posts) , 589 days ago 10:37 11 September 2012

    Post a new reply...

  • naugytrax (250 posts) , 588 days ago 18:59 12 September 2012

    As LC&DR said, you can't get there from here. So the question is, why do you want NEM362 pockets on your Hornby-Dublo or Wrenn stock? That is, what type of coupler would you want to put in the pockets if it wasn't impossible?
    If your goal is tension-locks, the Wrenn vehicles have posts to which the older Triang/Hornby metal tension-locks can be glued or "rivetted" by bashing the ends of the posts. Hornby-Dublo stock doesn't have these posts, but you can glue scraps of plasticard under the floor at the ends and glue or screw the couplers to that.
    If the goal is to fit Kadees, remove the Dublo coupler from the cylindrical coupling boss which protrudes down from the floor (basically, destroy the rivet). Then drill a vertical hole through the boss, halfway between the original hole and the outer end of the boss. Tap this hole for a suitable screw (U.S. size 2-56 or the UK equivalent) and bolt on a Kadee long, center-set coupler such as the no. 6 or the no. 46. Alternatively, glue on Plasticard spacers as for the tension-lock case and bolt on a no. 5 using small bolts through the side fixing "ears".
    If your goal is Roco or Fleischmann couplers, I'm afraid I can't help!

  • 81F (1497 posts) , 587 days ago 00:16 14 September 2012

    If I remember correctly Wrenn stock could easily be converted to the old HD couplingd (or should I say P£CO) Indeed my original LMS 062 (2385) had a set of screws and couplings supplied with it.

    Modelling the GWR in the Welsh Borders, and the Glyn Valley Tramway with quite a few bits from elsewhere!

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