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Sir Nigel Gresley

  • LC&DR (3566 posts) , 699 days ago 17:34 25 May 2012

    I have just aquired a Hornby Dublo SNG (No7) which looked in very sorry condition.It came in a bumper bundle of railway bits. The valve gear was bent, the front bogie was long gone and the tender is missing. However a bit of cleaning, careful adjustment with a pair of pliers and lubrication I applied a pair of wires to the pick up / wheels and it spun its wheels like a good-un. Not bad for a loco now older than I am. (and that's OLD) I am now looking for a tender and front bogie. It came with an oval of three rail track so I might be branching out into vintage three rail OO too!

  • Vespa (1517 posts) , 698 days ago 10:38 26 May 2012

    If you were to see the 3-rail exhibition layout that hits the North West exhibitions, then the old you would definitely go vintage with a Hornby Dublo layout.

    Why can't they bottle the smell of steam and oil from locos for aftershave?? mmmm!!

  • LC&DR (3566 posts) , 698 days ago 17:16 26 May 2012

    In the 50s I had Triang trains but my best mate had Dublo 3 rail, his dad was a printer in Fleet Street so he was quite wealthy. I was always impressed by the solid engineering of these all metal models. However the range was very limited and Triang were bringing out new models regularly, so they had the edge. When Hornby went two rail I did add some of their stuff to my 2 rail layout, but it wasn't to last. The other inconvenience was their couplings with Triang and Dublo using totally incompatible designs.

  • mortehoe (1403 posts) , 698 days ago 21:14 26 May 2012

    Didn't Hornby/Triang bring out what I beleave was called a converter wagon, with Dublo/Peco style coupling at one end, and the Triang style at the other.

  • poliss (4617 posts) , 698 days ago 21:33 26 May 2012


    Get off the line Bobby.

  • LC&DR (3566 posts) , 698 days ago 21:42 26 May 2012

    The two converter wagons, a horse box and a open goods did not appear until 1964/5 when Triang and Hornby were amalgamated. Hornby Dublo went two rail in 1960 but remained fierce rivals with Triang until the amalgamation. My first modelling heyday was 1957 to 1966. Triang modified their couplings in 1958 but remained incompatible with Hornby and Trix until 1965.

  • LC&DR (3566 posts) , 698 days ago 21:53 26 May 2012

    It is worth adding that when Kitmaster introduced their coaches that introduced yet another, non-automatic, coupling. Some ingenuity was needed. As a general rule in those days people tended to convert Triang and Kitmaster to Hornby standards by adding Peco couplings (same as Hornby Dublo) that were sold as spares. I have a number of Triang locos in my collection all with Peco couplings. The Airfix wagon kits also used a 'buck-eye' type coupling that could just about couple to Dublo, as did Playcraft HO which was appearing at that time. In some ways the odds were stacked against Triang, but against these odds the Triang hook and bar survived and the Dublo/Peco buck-eye faded away. It is probably because the Triang coupling actually worked better.

  • Vespa (1517 posts) , 697 days ago 09:38 27 May 2012

    I bought quite a few Triang locos and lots of rolling stock and converted most to 3-rail or to HD couplings using Peco coupling conversions.
    Why can't they bottle the smell of steam and oil from locos for aftershave?? mmmm!!

  • 81F (1497 posts) , 697 days ago 20:06 27 May 2012

    I was told by a former employee of a model railway factory in Deven that that the late Mr Prichard (founder of that company) had taken his design of coupling to Hornby and after waiting all day until someone eventually saw him, persuaded Hornby to use the coupling "under licence".
    Modelling the GWR in the Welsh Borders, and the Glyn Valley Tramway with quite a few bits from elsewhere!

  • 81F (1497 posts) , 697 days ago 20:07 27 May 2012

    sorry mean Devon

    Modelling the GWR in the Welsh Borders, and the Glyn Valley Tramway with quite a few bits from elsewhere!

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