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Would you like to suggest a future Hornby product?

Please complete a comment form to let us know what you would like to see in the range.  This is the only way to suggest new products.  All ideas are read by the Hornby marketing team.

Forum Rules

The Hornby Forum is intended as a place that newcomers to the Hornby World can come to ask questions and to seek assistance from like minded individuals. The Hornby Forum is NOT intended for the discussion or promotion of other retail sites or non-Hornby brands. When posting will you please keep in mind the above as should the content of your posting be considered contrary it will be removed without explanation. All Customer Care enquiries should be directed to Hornby Customer Care.

A quick note about posting links: Please be aware that if your post contains a link, to a picture, website, or video, your post may be held for a moderator to approve it before it is displayed on the forums.


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Type Forum Title Threads Replies Last Post
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  Thomas the Tank Engine 135 1005 17 days ago in Hornby R9215 Circus Flatbed by The son of Triangman
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  Hornby Collector Club 77 521 11 days ago in Margate by LC&DR
  Wishlists 268 4778 4 days ago in Mark 1s by LC&DR

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To search for an exact phrase put double quotes around the words. For example, the search “Tanker Wagon” will only return results that include both of these words together.

To exclude a word from your search add a minus sign immediately before the word to be excluded. For example, the search EWS –Locomotive will return all items with EWS in the title or description but excluding any that include the word Locomotive.

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