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Welcome to the new look Hornby forum pages. We’ve listened to your feedback and made a number of additions to the forum design and functionality.

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General Discussion



$1 hour ago on How to know it's Hornby?

by BeckyP

Hornby DCC



$4 hours ago on Updating Firmwhare

by RAF96

Hornby RailMaster



$3 hours ago on Railmaster next update

by RDS




$1 week ago on NER Models

by rayarpino

Simon Says



$2 days ago on Simon Says - What goes up

by Cronan

Website Feedback



$1 day ago on website won't let you pay for anything

by Twintop

Forum Feedback



$1 day ago on Loco Detection Threads in the RM Forum

by RogerB

Hornby TrackMaster



$1 month ago on Wishlist of new features

by ModelerXYZ

Live Steam



$1 week ago on Live steam 9f

by da4472vid

Thomas the Tank Engine



$4 days ago on Please Come back

by seanrail

Hornby Virtual Railway



$2 weeks ago on Deisel loco sound

by michael_green2

Hornby Collector Club



$1 day ago on August/September issue

by Cronan